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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blood Bowl Game vs Ogres and Season Review for the 4th Round

Well, we are moving into the 4th round of our league season leaving just 3 games left to decide who moves on to the finals. Everyone just has one single match in the 5th round with the final 4 teams will play to determine who enters into the Squigball finals to determine the league winner.

At this point my stats look something like this:

5 Wins, 1 Draw and 1 Loss.

Two out of three Lineorcs has leveled up. One with +1 STR and another with Block.

My Thrower just earned his first XP this past game when he caused a casualty from a last minute block

The Blitzers have really beefed up with two with two increases and the other two have at least one. One has Dauntless and Mighty Blow, another with Strip Ball, another with Dodge and Tackle and the last with Guard. At first I thought it would be a mistake to not take the same skills but I have found that the variety of skills has allowed me to adjust my play style in some games to the best benefit.

None of my four Black Orcs have had a chance to roll for an increase but short of a MVP or a casualty they won’t get much opportunity to earn points otherwise.

 At this point I have managed to purchase two more reolls for a total of 5 along with my Apothecary to help protect my team from the dice gods.

My general stats right now:

Total Winnings: 410k
Season Record: 5-1-1
Points For: 12
Points Against: 4
Casualties For: 11
Casualties Against: 6

My last three games are up against Ogres, Lizadmen and Slann for the last round. At this point it appears that the Undead, Rotters, Ogres and my team are in the running for the playoff games. The Slann could pull up a few wins (or draws) and if someone takes enough losses over the next few games there could be a shift as to the final teams playing. In any case I am going to be playing some class A tough teams here.

Thursday I went up against Tim and his Ogres. While they have not have had a great season they have not had a bad one either. Most of his record is draws with a 2-4-1 records (looks like he played one game early). This team is a returning team from last year and the extra game has seasoned his team further with more experience. The team has 5 Ogres and 6 Snotlings (3 journeyman status). Two ogres are pumped up with 42 and 51 experience points and the others range from 22, 8 and 6. Two Snotlings have some major XP built up at 10 and 15 making one a good fouler with Sneaky Git and the other with Catch. One of the Ogres got two AG increases and Strong Arm making for one hell of a thrower! One of his newer Ogres has Guard and the other is ST 6! The other is a beast with Break Tackle and Dodge.

This was a great game despite some setbacks on both sides and some amazing highlights. Taking the game 2-0 was a surprise after my disaster in the first quarter when I ran one of my Blitzer’s to the corner end zone afraid to make a “go for it” to score as I had used my reroll already. Only to have Tim bash me with 3 Gnobblar bastards knocking me into the fans and getting taken out of the game! ARG! What is it they say? If it can go wrong, it will in Blood Bowl!

This quote lived up to the name again with his AG4 Ogre chunks a pass downfield for a long pass only to be caught on a 6 by a Lineorc that intercepts the ball and runs it to the Thrower that runs it downfield. He just about was caught by an Ogre that fell on his go for it rolls and the other orks managed to chase away the Gnoblar annoyances to allow him to score. I wanted to run the clock but I knew if I didn’t play ball Tim would punish me in other ways.

The kick off again landed close to the main line and the Orcs piled into the Ogres again. Early on the first half we managed to put one ogre out of the game a few Gnoblars so the second half saw only 9 for Tim and 10 for me as I was short a Lineman that will miss next game due to a gouged eye.

Luck happened again as my Dauntless Blitzer with Mighty Blow took down another Ogre to the bench before I scored the first time and Tim again failed to bring either ogre out of their KO status. With only 3 Ogres (sadly one his high AG and the other the STR 6 brute) and 5 Gnoblars I had to work quickly to even the score. I managed to pull a good defense on the second kickoff and managed to turn over the ball and snatch the ball up to score again during the last part of the second half. At this point it was game called and time to roll our results.

My team gained another point of fame, earned 50k in cash rolling a 4 for earnings. My Lineorc (with STR boost) gained an Interception, two Blitzer’s was able to cause a Casualty, my Thrower making not one but two touchdowns and my MVP going to my Lineman that had 2 XP prior due to a lucky casualty last game. I managed to get two skill increases (For my Thrower and Lineman) and quickly took Block for both.

Tim only had one casualty against me (the other was the crowd push by the Gnoblar) and the MVP went to one of his Ogres.

This game had me worried for a moment when the first half went to the crapper and I was afraid Tim was going to pull out the magic and crush me utterly in the end. I always enjoyed playing Tim and his models are A+ painted!

Here are some pics to enjoy from the game!

First little guy downed (he was just removed on the right side there)

The Fight for the ball!

Pile in!

The Dugout after the first TD.

The end is near! Grab that ball and RUN!

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