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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Marines have landed Florida!

Florida gets their second GW store! Sadly, on the other side of the coast and WAY down on the south end by Miami...whoo! Good job about a flipping Tampa location!!!!! What's this crap about Orlando  and Miami getting one and we don't?

Won't be making this opening sad to say, but would have been fun. The Orlando event was enjoyable and I had a great time.


  1. I went by the Orlando one when I was up that way (all the way across town or me...@24 miles) ....and it was closed. He has some wierd hours, but I gather the owner pretty much works it alone or has minimal staff. Always good to check his hours if you plan a visit. Nice location, otherwise... lots of places for lunch and easy parking.

  2. Yea, you have to check their Facebook *BARF* Sorry, just threw up in my mouth. I hate Facebook, but this is a GW trend to network with the kiddies...

    They announce their hours often and what is going on. I made their grand opening event and came close to winning overall, I was one of the last two to win and if I had some better rolls I would have won! GRRRR...still the guys there was cool and the store was good.

    They have tons of space for a possible bunker in the future, the walls hides like another 2/3 of a store...used to be a restraunt or something. Yea, the food options are good and there is more I pass on the way that I like.

    When I was there, it is just the store manager running it solo, it saves money but sucks on hours and wears on the employee IMO.


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