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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Darkside Battle Report

Wow! This has been sitting in draft mode for some time! With everything going on with my mother-in-law in the hospital and the Kalm among other things has totally pushed finishing this battle report until now!
Went to Darkside this past weekend to play in their 2k 40k RTT for this month taking my WIP Space Wolves to see how they would fare in a pretest game before the May tournament in Alabama.

Overall we had a good showing of armies with variety including 3 Space Wolves, a few Blood Angels, Tyranids, IG, Orks and Vanilla Marines not sure if any Necrons or Dark Eldar slipped into the mix but that is from what I recall seeing.

Here is the list I brought:

Wolf Lord in Runic Armor, Storm Shield, Frost Weapon, Saga of the Bear
Wolf Pack Leader with Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Hunter Saga
Rune Priest with living lighting, murderous Hurricane, Chooser of the slain
Rune Priest with living lighting, jaws of the wolf and chooser of the slain
7 Wolf Scouts with 2 power weapons and 1 melta gun
4 Wolf Guard with power fists and combi meltas and 1 with frost weapon
1 Wolf Guard in Terminator armor with Cyclone Launcher
3 Long Fang Packs with 14 missiles (Cyclone joins the small pack)
2 Grey Hunter packs of 7 in Rhino, melta gun and power weapon
2 Grey Hunter packs of 6 with Rhino, melta gun/flamer (one in each) and power weapons

My first game was with a local player to the store with his Orks by the name of Cajun (serious this is his real name, not a nickname). Here is what his list looked like:

Ghazghkull Thraka
Warboss with Klaw and Twin Linked Shoota
Storm Boyz
Loota Boyz
25 Boyz with two Rockets and a Nob with a Klaw and bosspole and eavy armor
30 Boyz with big shootas with Nob (same way)
Unit of Gretchin with two Handlers
Unit of Nobz (in a Battlewagon) with an assorted load of weapons and a Pain Nob
3 Killer Kans with 2 grotzookas and 1 scorcha

The First game was the 2010 Adepticon mission “The Shortest Distance between Two Points”. Used the diagonal deployment. I won the dice off and setup on my side of the table loading up a building with Long Fangs. His Orks spread out on the other side ready to move all over and grab up table quarters. The twist to the mission was the warp flux that would allow one unit to deep strike and assault instead of shooting…this was nasty for some games. I am thankful the Ork player was afraid to do this until the last turn.

Primary:   Pushback, the player with the model closest to their board edge loses.
Secondary: More Force org slots alive at the end.
Tertiary: Table Quarters

My plan was simple, Pack Leader joined the Scouts, flanking. The rest setup with the Long Fangs in a building, the Rhinos ready to hold the two table quarters and keep the Orks at bay.

Cajun failed to seize and I started my turn with a salvo of shots to his Kans and killing some Storm boyz……my early goal was to get an immobile result to lock in the Primary. Alas, they either lost weapons, stunned or blown up for the opening turns.  His ork army spread out over the early turns to table quarters and try to take on my units to reduce Force org slots and try to keep me from advancing enough to avoid the Primary.

The game unfolded well as a side shot on the Battlewagon opened a nice door and the scouts slipped in behind the Orks taking out a 25 ork mob with some support from the missiles and living lighting. They quickly did not flee back into cover only to get shot up by the other mob but neither they nor the armless Kan still alive was unable to charge them. The Pack Leader and the Last scout charges the 30 man Ork horde in a desperate hope to detain them. It worked also as the Pack Leader only took a single wound for the remainder of the game as he was able to fend off the ork attacks with his runic armor and storm shield. This kept them closer to the edge than mine as I deep struck two Long Fangs during the last two turns and moved the other to get away from the edge also to ensure the win. Ghazghkull popping over towards the end helped me out as they died to him. A bad choice IMO, I would have gone for something else.

When the last round was up, I had the Primary with more than double with a disabled Rhino on the board. I had more Force Org slots left and I had 2 table quarters to his one. Taking the bonus points maxed out my score.


Wolves Advance!

Orks take to the field!

The Wolf Guard Battle Leader makes a stand!

My second game was against Clark and his Space Marines. Clark has won Ard Boyz Nationals and has always been a long time overall winner in tournaments. This would be a good game and a hard win to take.

His list was something like this:

Large block of Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield Terminators
3 Thunderfire cannons
3-4 Razorbacks with twin linked lascannons
3-4 squads with lascannons and melta guns, sgt had power fists or weapons (forgot what)
3 Attack Bikes with Multi-meltas

This was a standard Dawn of War with tunnels, this had some weird rules including holding a unit back and being able to place it using a tunnel (the opponent can that is). Clark placed a squad broken into combat squads and a Razorback on the table. I put a rhino with a Rune Priest and Grey Hunters on the table. This table was annoying due to a large fortress in the middle but also helped me from being fleet of footed to death.

The objectives were:
Primary: Capture the Tunnels (4)
Secondary: Victory Points (must be more than 225)
Tertiary: Kill the most expensive HQ

Clark won the roll to pick the table edge but I seized on him! Whoo!

Well, we had a crazy game with units rolling in from the board edge and I rolled in to the center using the fortress as cover. His turn rolled in some units using the tunnels (I did not) and some from his edge. One Thunderfire died due to going into scenery and promptly joined a squad I shot up on my turn. Then the game was one, both armies was out!

I was able to multi-charge Clark taking out 3 attack bikes, a thunderfire and stunning a Razorback in the deal….then I was promptly shot apart. The squad of scouts then split from the Pack Leader (with only 2 models) to deal with the trouble. The Lord ate one combat squad and the Scouts finished off another in hand to hand. Then they both died to a brutal flurry of shots. My Long Fangs was deployed right in his face and died bravely despite the odds. I had his appear my squad and promptly vaporized them also.

The end of the game was down to a scuffle of units left….I think he had 1 Razorback without weapons, 1 terminator and a surviving combat squad in said Razorback.  I managed to kill most of the army namely the Terminators with Jaws of the Wolf and Murderous Hurricane with several missile shots. I lost two units with the Rune Priests both times but it was worth it.

Then we counted up the results:

Primary: Draw (contested) with the Terminator survivor!
Secondary: Tie, not over 225
Tertiary: I won, mine was alive.


The Long Fangs expect their guests!

Fire! Fire!

The last game was against Clark’s friend Kris with his Space Wolf list. This list was an interesting mix and was a Space Wolf version of Death Company denial as I call it. That is no scoring units; you just work to table your opponent to deny them any chance to win along with you if you can’t. His list was like this:

2 Lords w/ Runic Armor, Storm shields, power fist/frost weapon on a Thunderwolf
3 Units of Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
3 Units of 15 Wolves
2 Units of Thunderwolves with some assorted mixed gear

This army is built on the straight brutality and using cover to your best advantage.

We had this crazy minefield mission and I lost the roll to setup but did manage to seize again. We had the standard 12” deployment zone and he spread out with his Long Fangs in the building on one side and another set of Long Fangs on the other. He had two Stasis rockets in his Long Fangs. I gave mine to the two 7 man Grey Hunter Units.

Primary: Kill Points
Secondary: Recon, get more scoring units within the opponents deployment zone.
Tertiary: Kill the least expensive unit.

The Seize helped me by launching two stasis shots keeping his Thunderwolves and Long Fangs at bay. I also forced him to move his two other Long Fangs due to a corner castle keeping the shots off my army.

The game was pretty much cut and dry, he moved forward made bunch of saves using cover. Lose a few wolves and take a few more to the minefield once he moved beyond 6”. I knew I could not win the Secondary so I set to weather the worst. I did manage to clear all the wolf units and did some wounds to the Thunderwolves on the way in. Sadly, it was not enough as I started to take some losses. If the game had ended earlier on the dice I may have done better.

In the end he had the Kill Points, neither had the Secondary and we both had a tie on the last with no bonus points for either.


The Wolves advance through the minefield!

Kris ended up winning third and Clark won overall due to the Eldar player gave up after the first round. 

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