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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Battle Wagon Road Trip! Part 2

I would like to be the first to say that 11+ hours on the road SUCKS! I drove the entire time as I wanted my friend Chris to be rested up to drive if things took a twist. Our goal was to arrive by 6 Central Time so I could play in the Blood Bowl Tournament so we left right before 5am Eastern Standard Time that day….

We had factored in a short stop instead of an overnight stay on Thursday that I had wanted to do at my parents on the way up to say hi and visit with them. These stops are always a mixed back as they fight like cats and dogs as they get older. In some way I think they are both starting to slip a little mentally which is sad but happens with old age.  The house was hot (turn on the AC!) and I was stressed about everything from my wife and her mother to the drive and how my parents were acting with my friend around. *sigh*

We did manage to enjoy a good meal and my mother was sweet to go get a coconut cake that I love (and my buddy does also) that was simply delicious! Plus, he got to see some of the mountains and the town where I was born as we zipped on up to Huntsville/Madison.

I don’t recall the town we passed through before Madison but it was simply amazing and breathtaking! The lake and mountains were just a perfect mix that Chris and I both said; this would be a great place to live. It just had that balance we both like.

We rolled into the hotel and had an amazing room for a mere $60 a night! The rate for the event and from what I understand it was full between us and a wedding that was going on in town. The beds were very comfortable and if we could have put them in the SUV we would have (well that and avoid the charges for taking the beds). The space in the hotel room was very nice, a closet, flat screen TV, computer center, a nice sitting area, microwave and fridge. If they keep this hotel, I will make sure to bring microwave items next time!

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