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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Krumping, Bowl Style! Part 3

Well, we unloaded the SUV and I scurried down to join in the Blood Bowl tournament (The Rocket City Rumble) that I was a few minutes late to. Sadly, a few people backed out as they wanted to paint the night before. At this point, I was sick of painting and I wanted to roll dice. No way in hell was I going to drive 11 hours and NOT play as many games as I could! Insanity!

I brought my Orcs with me taking the name from my prior league team of the Mork’s Manglerz ready to hit the field in their blue and grays! My team list was a simple one as we had 1.1 million to spend on a team. 4 Blitzer’s, 4 Black Orcs, 1 Thrower, 2 Linemen with an apothecary and 3 rerolls with a skill pack giving all my Black Orcs block to keep it simple.

Half of the teams playing were Orcs as they are a solid and fun team for Blood Bowl and of course I played 3 in a row! Whooo!!!!

My first game was against Dave from Washington State, the furthest traveled player to this event (and won a trophy for that). He was trying to fix a few things in his army before tomorrow as he was playing which was fine by me. I can understand the airlines are not the best choice for miniature transporting! We had a good game thumping one another across the field and ending the game on a 1-1 if I recall correctly.  He did manage to rack up some casualties against me and sadly I had none as of yet. Pizza and beer was on the menu for food as we didn’t have time to stop on the way in for anything decent to eat. Still, the pizza and beer was a welcome meal that was fitting for Blood Bowl!

Meet Dave,  he was gluing some ork dreads back together at this point!

Random shots of the game...

More krumping going on!

The second game was perhaps the best by far with Walter from California and has Iron Dog Productions (check my links on the left side). He is a great converter, painter and casts some resin stuff that is fairly priced and top quality but the best part is he is just a kick ass guy to game with and this is the type of person I had around where I lived to play more often. We had some more beer and threw the dice. I lost this game, I think 2-1 in his favor and we had a very dismal record of casualties. He was shooting to win the award of most casualties for the evening! What an orcish thing to do!

Meet Walter a kick ass guy!

Random shot of the opening game.

Black Orc takes on the Troll!

Orcs are going to win!

The last game was again against Orcs and every team I played had a troll, except for me! Still, I did well and managed to score up this game to 2-0 making a solid win for the end of the night. Ros was a great opponent and a very cool guy to enjoy that last round of beer with before calling it a night.

Meet Ros (yes one S)

Game on!

Carnage flowed this game!

Jason that was hosting the tournament tallied up results and awards was announced! I was lucky enough to have some good offence that after the other awards put me in place to win the “Best Offence” trophy! I really wanted to come home with something in honor of both my mother and mother-in-law as they raised some great kids and simply they trophy was kick ass as it was a bottle of 1,800 Tequila with a custom bottle front with the year, award rank and their symbol! Just too cool!

Here are a few shots from the Blood Bowl event! The top table was a custom pitch....I wish I could have played on it! Amazing work here!

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