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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Chaos before the Kalm, Part 1

The week before the Kalm was only what I could call hell. I had a good amount of painting to finish up with what appeared to be plenty of time to make my goal of a table worthy army.

Alas, things do not go as planned and my mother-in-law fell and broke her hip in four places. Then things got worse, she was put in ICU on day 1 they think due to the meds they gave her. Then she ended up again back in ICU on Monday due to some breathing issues and glucose trouble that has kept her there until this past weekend.

My painting had slowed down and I was painting whenever I could from sitting around the hospital waiting to late at night after my wife had gone to sleep to try to get caught up. I also had started to prepare that I may not be going to the Kalm due to the situation if things did not get better.

As Wednesday rolled around, things were still rough and I opted to delay a day to call off the trip or not if things were not better as family are always first.

Thursday was a day of positive things, my wife’s mother improved in her condition and I felt we could green light the trip. There was little else that could be done and in worst case scenarios we could turn around and return right back if we had to. I packed my stuff in a feverish rush and felt like a kid before Christmas unable to really sleep. The Kalm was on!

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