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Friday, May 18, 2012

My friend Lee was able to snag early passes to a pre-show of Battleship last night, so we grabbed a quick bite at the food court and met the rest of his co-worker’s that saved us a place in line and we waited, waited, waited….finally we was let in to sit down. What was nice was active duty people in line were let in first as a thanks for their hard service. I thought that was a nice gesture to say thanks to those that put their ass on the line every day for us.

The movie overall was excellent, go expecting to see an action flick and some crazy action scenes. This is not a serious movie and it reminded me of hints of Independence Day mixed with some Top Gun but in a Naval style instead. Keep in mind this is Naval ships in water fighting alien ships invading Earth!

There are some touching patriotic moments in the film that honors those that served in the Navy as well as the other armed forces as you see Army, Marine and Air Force logos if you are paying attention. The ending really went to the old school American spirit of pulling together the old generation with the younger one to overcome the invasion. I got a few warm fuzzes watching it.

People cheered, clapped and were really into the film and that feeling was all over the theater.

Some people could say this is little more than a Naval recruiting movie and yea they could be right but hell in college when I walked out of Starship Troopers I was ready to join the Mobile Infantry!

If you are looking for something to enjoy this weekend, this is a good choice.  

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