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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Regrouping after the Kalm! Part 6

As we didn’t have to take the round about way back home we had 4 lanes most of the way down back home. We avoided Georgia totally on the return trip as it ran us from Huntsville to Birmingham to near Montgomery then over to Dothan into the Florida that cut us over to 75 and back home. The trip was long and peppered with many stops to stretch our legs, eat and get sodas or water including a fuel stop about midway. I made sure to avoid speeding more than 10 above the speed limit as the super troopers was out giving out tickets left and right. Florida was the worst of the three states as they was handing them out like they was going out of style!

We did manage to take one short break in Gainesville Florida that has a shop that has some Forge World selection. I had a few bucks left that my mother had given me to enjoy on the trip and I purchased the Nurgle Sorcerer and found a good double pack of the Dark Angels sprues for $24 that wasn’t a bad price considering I get 10 figures and two terminator legs to help round out my Dark Angels that will be hitting the table soon. I figure this was an omen for me to buy them! Chris grabbed a second Baal Predator kit for his growing Blood Angel army.

I got home and got everything unloaded and settled for the night as my wife ordered pizza and we watched the Vampire Diaries second season (which isn’t bad) and told her about the trip. I was also given the shock that ADT was going to be at the house on Monday to install a security system after my wife had a little scare on Friday night as some shady types was around our street at 3am that made her nervous….so, I would rather have her safe and happy and accepted this as a fact of life.

Monday was my off day to recover and watch Avengers. With ADT scheduled later that day, I was ripping around the house early to pick up and clean as much as I could before their arrival as we have been slobs the past week due to her mother being in the hospital. Stress like that just wears you out and you don’t give a crap about things like housework. Just enough to get by is all you can seem to muster it seems. Plus it was time for the dog’s annual flea bath and cleaning ceremony! Trust me; washing two basset hounds is a chore in itself!

Chris and I headed off to see the Avengers at a small theatre that was cheap and close to home to let me get back in time to let ADT into the house to setup everything. The movie was just simply amazing! This has been a long awaited movie that was just well done and beyond words. The only thing I could complain about is that I am still annoyed that they changed Nick Fury. Really, yea I know he is a black guy in the reboot Marvel but they ruined a classic comic character that I grew up with and just seemed out of place slightly and he wasn’t chewing a stogie either! Please note this isn’t a racial attack, really if you wanted to put an ethnic character into the movie why not Falcon or Black Panther? I know they wanted to go to the old school concept with a twist but really Hawkeye and Widow was not part of the early group either (at least in the old series as they appeared later on). Oh well, it is what it is and I enjoyed it and Jackson does a great acting job even if it was out of place for me. The ending bit was cool with the teaser, I don’t want to spoil it but the teaser for Avengers 2 already has me ready to buy a ticket!

Once my wife was home we went to see her mom and grabbed something quick from Taco Hell, then back home to watch the Vampire Diaries again and snuggle up for the night. I tinkered in the hobby room trying to get ready fro the next project once I am inspired again to figure out what the hell I am doing next!

Oh, I also bought some OJ and had a huge glass…yea, I am an OJ snob….damm it is good here!

Here is the plunder pile of stuff I brought back:

1 Blood Bowl Trophy of 1,800 Tequila
1 Kalm Objective Shot Glass
6 Cyclone Launchers from Iron Dog Studios (Walter was selling them at discount)
2 Dark Angel Sprues
1 Forge World Nurgle Sorcerer
1 multi template with the Kalm logo on it.

My prize, a bottle of 1,800 silver tequila

Trophy and Objective Marker

Objective Markers!

Plunder I brought back...

An offical Kalm template.
I love the John Wayne quote!

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