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Thursday, May 10, 2012


WARNING: This post may be found offensive to those that support the INAT FAQ. If you are offended very easy don’t ready any further. This is simply my opinions on the INAT FAQ and the downfalls of the rulings made.

If I could complain about one thing about the Kalm is their use of the INAT FAQ. I have always had beef with it and this was my first “official” event that used the rules. My policy is that the event rules call is final and I will always respect that even if I don’t disagree with it. That has always been my gaming credo.

Personally, I call this the IDIOT FAQ simply for a few reasons...
  • The rules are written by self appointed people in the hobby that are involved in tournaments but they have no official ties to GW or accreditation other than they play and/or organize tournament events.
  • While some of the INAT FAQ does tackle some issues GW has not, some of the rulings are simply just either dumb responses and very poorly thought out answers.

I come from a diverse background with a Mass Communications BA and Psychology minor, my past years of working in the government sector of the state has taken me from Data Security to Contract management. My latest job has taught me much about reading into things and how they are written, that they are clear and that the legal aspects are considered. That said, I hit a rule that just didn’t make sense at all and to me is frankly stupid and the person that wrote this rule should not be allowed to make any further rulings in the INAT FAQ.

A player has an IC with Saga of the Hunter (allows him to outflank and stealth special rules) and may be joining a Scout Squad (that of course has scout/infiltrate) and the “behind the enemy lines” rule (that allows them to roll to where they deploy and works with outflank, that it states clearly in the codex).

The GW FAQ states that an IC cannot outflank with a scout squad unless they have Saga of the Hunter or some other special rule that allows them to. Which in this case the IC has the correct Saga to outflank.

The INATFAQ reads like this: P92 that a character with Saga of the Hunter may outflank with a scout unit but may NOT use the “Behind Enemy Lines” special rule. 

Now, I step back and ask why? Nobody can answer this. Let’s check this over.
·        IC has Saga of the Hunter. Allows Outflank. Check.
·        Scout Squad has Scout and Infiltrate. This allows them to use the Outflank option. Check.
·        Behind Enemy Lines uses the Outflank rule and modifies what table edge they may appear on. Check.
·        IC with squad outflanks and uses BEL special rules. Check.

So, again I ask, how did someone come up with that answer in the INAT FAQ? We had a few good laughs at other rules on the drive up to Alabama with my buddy with some of the stupid crap they stuck into this work of ork poop. After I printed and read it I wanted to go plant a tree as an apology for the paper I wasted. GW is already doing a good job giving us vague rules and bad FAQ’s. We are allowing things like this to crop up in major tournaments?

Really guys, do you proof this stuff? Do you have checks and balances? At my job with contracts it comes to my department. We read and proof it when the contract manager sends us a document. We revise and/or approve it to go on through the chain of people to review/revise and approve including legal and program administration. If you are going to do a national FAQ to be used at tournaments do it right or don’t do it at all! I'm not Mr. Perfect but really, I think I could make better rules calls than some of those published in the INAT FAQ.

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