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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When Wolves status on my Space Wolves

Well, this has been what I can only say as one hell of a last week. With  my mother-in-law falling, breaking her hip in four places and having a nightmare of hospital incidents has finally ended with some calm tonight.  I hope it holds and she can get the hell out of that crazy ass hospital within the next few days. She is recovering well in ICU after some breathing issues and blood sugar drops. *sigh*

With some thinking, I have put off going to the Kalm by one day to ensure everything is good before I go. Family is important to me and I consider my word on things to be my bond. Perhaps I would have made a good Space Wolf if there was such a thing. In any case,  I know my mother and father are excited to see me as we head up to the tournament. My earlier plans was to stay the night has  now been changed to a few hours at the house and lunch with them. One can only do with what you  have at hand. I love my wife and her family as much as my own and I will be by their side until I am sure the crisis is stable.

It will be a hard drive up, a long one a that of 10 hours I estimate with 3 games of Blood Bowl to challenge the soul on Friday night. Then the ultimate gaming on Saturday with the Kalm on Cinco De Mayo! I really  need a break from this crazy stuff, I hate hospitals and seeing people upset.

So, I figure this tournament is going to be dedicated to my mother-in-law and my own mother as well. They did  a great job with two children that have grown up to be good adults, I hope to bring back a trophy to show her this one was for her. In any case, I plan to have fun. While some stuff has been cut out, I will survive and life will go on. Wars are won and lost with knowing when to cut your losses and when to stand your ground to watch over those that you love.

Never forget is all we have, nothing else matters.

I am painting fast and furious right now to get as much as I can done. No  matter what, I am putting them out on the table and to a point they will be table worthy.  They may not win best painted, but in my eyes with the situation, they already have a badge of honor they carry. Wish me luck guys!

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