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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Battle Leader speaks....

Aye lad, the flagons will be full and the bones will be rolled!
Epic Saga’s of heroics and death will fill the mouths of Skalds of the Internet.
Friends will be made, rivals found and best of all it will be Cinco De Mayo!
What more could a Wolf Lord ask for but drink and battle for his men!

I am getting pumped about this event, how cool is it that I am going out of state for a tournament that is on Cinco De Mayo at a bar and I am playing Warhammer 40k for the day?

Painting is going well, should have the rest of the Marines done in a few days and the back packs also. This just leaves the Rhinos and basing starting around the weekend and wrapping up Wednesday night. Worst case, I can drag some stuff with me on the trip and paint some on Thursday night late at my parents if I hit a critical part.

Some friends have said if I need help they would rally and help out if they could and I have been thinking about taking up that offer. Still, like the Space Wolves, there is a matter of pride in making the accomplishment myself.


This is how I plan to paint my two wolves! 

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