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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ugh! Setback.

Charlie Brown sums up the end of my day. I come home to find a card in my door for our fence installer that we have been waiting 3 weeks to schedule. I call the guy, "Be out tomorrow..." *sigh* Thanks for the advance warning a******! So, I am out there tonight shoveling dirt and such away from the fence to level the ground before they show up tomorrow. Mind you, I planned to do this a few days before not the night before after working in the office all day moving stuff for new carpet next week.

So, I bashed my hand while I was near the old fence while shoveling....lovely, the knuckles are swollen, the hand is shaking a bit and hurts like hell. Hurts to type some, so no painting for me tonight. *sigh* Not happy about this. This better be the best damm looking fence to go up when I get home tomorrow night after a tournament.

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  1. Sorry about that!! Those things are a bit anoying!!


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