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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Waaaghhh! Oh how I love a good tournament!

Where have I been? Painting and trying to get some table time in when I can before a big event in May that I have been looking forward to!

We have about three weeks to go before it is time to load up to go to the Kalm Before the Waaaghhh in Madison Alabama. I am very excited about making this trip for several reasons…

I have been keeping an eye on the Kalm for some time. Last year, I missed the window to register with my friend and the tornados hit making it even worse of a situation. Still, the event went on despite setbacks which impressed me more than anything as they played at the home of the organizer and still had a blast.

The format for this event is held at a bar and is a 21 and older event. They also have on the website, no douchebags, simply if you’re a tournament GT gung-ho win-win player then this isn’t your event then. They even bothered to define a douchebag (serious, check their website out).

This event is about seeing old friends and making new ones. Sipping beer and eating good food while throwing some dice and playing with toy soldiers. Much like how GW first set out for Warhammer to be like. Throw in a Blood Bowl game the night before and you have a great lineup for an event.

What is going to be great about this is the trip itself. I get to visit my parents for a day, then visit an old high school friend that owns a comic store in Gadsden Alabama then go back to the Space Museum (if we have time) that I have not been to since I was a kid. Plus, it looks like at least one name on the list is from my days when I worked for GW in Atlanta, so it will be cool to see at least one old face from the past.

I also am simply amazed this event is in Alabama, my home state, just a few hours where I was born. So this is a going home GT for me and something I wished was going on when I lived there. It was so hard to find players in Alabama and Georgia until you get into Atlanta or Birmingham (the major cities).

My first choice is what team should I bring for Blood Bowl, so far I have only the Necromantic and Orcs, To me based on the skill packs I am going to go with the solid Orc team to take on the challenge, nothing fancy just pure Ard Orcs looking to throw the ball around and krump some people.

As for the actual 40k tournament there is the toughest choice. While I do have several armies and it does hold a painting score, I would like to use 100% of my stuff if possible; sometimes I do borrow my friends stuff if I am missing something. A GT is something I try to take more pride in than a local tournament. In a local gaming store event just having it painted is what I want. Sure if the event allowed unpainted I could do it, but I won’t because of my opinion, I call it a standard.

That said, I am going with Space Wolves, I have everything and in theory I can have everything painted by the end of this month if I get off my duff and paint. There should be no excuse that I cannot finish out the army list I drew up. I don’t aspire to win the best painted trophy as there is always more brilliant painters than I out there on the tables, so I hope it goes to a deserving player.

It was close for IG to be making the Alabama trip but in the end I would need to buy and borrow more than what I felt was acceptable to put on the table for the event. Plus, it would be more models and more time painting than I would have.

In one way it is weird to be bringing the same army as my friend as we are the only two from Florida with the same armies. My goal is to at least make sure we don’t have the same list and throw out some variety onto the table to see how the kids do. My plan is simple, I want 3 good games of 40k, a good few runs of Blood Bowl and some good beer and meet some cool people from my backyard where I grew up at.

With luck I can post some pictures of my WIP tonight! 

Here is a shot of the Objective marker you get for attending! WOW! Yea, there is something worth fighting for!

Here are what the trophies look like:

More of the bottle trophies in the background!

I hope to bring back to Florida one of those trophies! There is 70+ players from what I understand so this is going to be a tough run! 3 games and one day! 

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