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Friday, April 13, 2012

Movie Review: Lockout

Overall this was a good movie! This is your typical "action" sci-fi flick that is full of the one liners from the hero. The acting was your standard fare for an action flick as well, with the bad guys being just right with that  evil tough guy and nutcases in one group. The damsel in distress was your typical blond to a point but had her moments of not being the victim all the time and showed a few merits that took her away from the standard helpless blond we are used to seeing in the movies.

The most refreshing part was the ending with the non-standard guy kisses girl and they walk off into the sunset. Instead they walk away talking about getting ice cream and having sex instead of trying to be romantic.

The worst downside to the movie was the "escape" as the station was being blown apart. First they jump from an airlock in space. In theory you should go forward unless either: a) the station has a gravity field (which it did but didn't work well for the hero earlier getting on), b) they was close enough to Earth that they was drawn into the gravity well. Yet, this was not the major weird point, I know it is 2079 in the movie but really an armored space suit able to go through the atmosphere and not burn up? Even if it could make it the person inside would roast or at least the face plate would blow out due to pressure. Then popping a chute in a free fall at the end. Yea, right! 

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