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Thursday, April 19, 2012

2k Space Wolves (Refined)

Well, just a few weeks away and after the two past weekends I think I have my list done for the Kalm in Alabama the first weekend in May. So far, it seems my friend Chris and I will have very similar lists for the most part with some minor cosmetic changes making us slightly different.

The Savage Wolves List:

175pts Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Frost Weapon, Storm Shield, Saga of the Hunter, Runic Armor

110pts Rune Priest: COS, LL and MH

110pts Rune Priests: COS, LL and JOW

172pts Wolf Guard x4: P ower fist, Combi Melta
63pts  Wolf Guard: Terminator Armor, Cyclone Launcher

145pts Wolf Scouts x7: PW x2, Melta Gun

145pts Wolf Scouts x7: PW x2, Melta Gun

175s GH x8 PW, MG, Rhino

175s GH x8 PW, MG, Rhino

175s GH x8 PW, MG, Rhino

160pts GH x7: PW, MG, Rhino

140pts Long Fangs x6: 5 ML

140pts Long Fangs x6: 5 ML

115pts Long Fangs x5: 4 ML

The layout:

Wolf Guard Battle Leader either joins one of the Scout units, flanks on his own or joins a Grey Hunter Squad.

2 Wolf Guard join the Scouts (one each) and 2 join the first two Grey Hunter Squads.

The Last two Grey Hunter Squads each get one of the Rune Priests.

The last Long Fang takes the Wolf Guard in TDA with Cyclone to be able to shoot 6 missiles now.

Long Fangs go into cover. Duh!

Grey Hunters are mobile units to do things in the game.

Scouts Flank

Painting Log:

Wolf Guard Pack Leader: 1/2 painted.

2 Rune Priests: Done

Wolf Guard: 4 with Fists/Meltas Done. TDA with Cylone (primed)

14 Wolf Scouts: 7painted, just need basing. 7PIP (Painting in progress)

31 Grey Hunters: Various stages, most need detail work, wash and basing.

4 Rhinos: Grey basic assembly, nothing fancy on it yet.

17 Long Fangs: 2 PIP, touch ups and basing left on the rest.

2 Wolves: I have the new kit and want to paint two, unassembled so far. I do have some old wolves worst case.

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