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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend update!

Found the plate! I had one hidden away in my ork stuff. I got a bunch of leftover Space Wolf stuff that was given to me and it appears I tossed this into the ork bitz thinking it would show up there on something salvaged.

Worked some on the Docs bike. Here is a front shot.

The orderly, trimmed off an IG hand from the command sprue medic hands. now he looks like he is holding gauze and it is spooling off as the doc drives to his next patient. Added an icon on top for the Deathskulls. This comes from the Vampire Counts old shield sprue where you could pick the icon and glue it on the shield.

Main part of the bike. A salvaged medics kit is part of the docs stuff and the glyph plate is sculpted after I scraped off the old one, stands for "Urty or Doc".

Painted up the Servo Skulls...

Close up....

The other type....



  1. I love that Maddok on the bike! That is going to look outstanding when it's completed! Those servo skulls are begging to be objective markers.

    But... you know you absolutely have to finish that dread FIRST! I want to see that puppy completed! That is going to look awesome

  2. Things have a way of working out. Finding that bit until now tells me I was right to put it off until now. It just looks 10x better. Now a few more touches and yea, it is going to be a nice one to get done.


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