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Sunday, January 23, 2011

40k Charity event

Went to a charity event at a local store here in town on Saturday as Sunday had other things going on. Had a good time overall as all the players was a great bunch which is nice. Last charity event was to raise food for a food pantry for a local church, this time it was to raise some money to keep the shop doors open. While I don't make it to their store often at Skull N Bones due to it feeling more like to me like a club store than a regular shop, I never want to see a spot close up that hosts gaming and promotes the hobby. So, I was willing to drop a few bucks for fun and support the hobby.

My first game was against Adam, this guy is a great, what can I say? He has a Space Wolves army with a top notch paint job and conversions as well as a good player. The mission we had involved 5 tokens on the table that represented "Space Wolf Ale" stored away and both sides was racing to grab some grog! Of course you could take a chance and roll on a chart if a non-vehicle unit was next to the objective that could make a unit anything from Fearless to stone drunk and you could find a few models in the unit staggering off drunk! It was also a DOW mission which was VERY painful to my army concept.

Meet Adam....

He had from memory: Logan Grimnar, Bjorn, a Lord on a Thunder Wolf with a wolf claw and storm shield, a lone wolf with a storm shield and hammer, a grey hunter squad in a rhino with a melta and wulfin, a Terminator Wolf guard unit with a cyclone (power weapon also), thunder hammer/storm shield, power weapon and Ajarc in a drop pod. I may be missing something else, but for the most part the list was a bunch of 2+ saves and 3+ inve saves.

My list was pretty simple: Rune Priest with Living Lighting and Murderous Hurricane, another with Living Lighting and Jaws of the Wolf. 4 Grey Hunter squads in Rhinos with melta guns and Wolf Guard with combi meltas mixed in (one squad did not have a WG but had two meltas instead) each varied in sizes. Two was 8 man with a Wolf Guard and RP in them. The other was a full 10 with nothing special and the other was I think about 8 men including a WG in it. I also had 3 squads of Long Fangs all with Missiles and the Wolf Guard all had combi-meltas and power fists.

He took second after we placed tokens. I held all in reserve, he setup Bjorn and I think a Rhino squad. First turn the pod landed with Logan, Arjac and terminators in tow. The rest ran on the board. Turn two moves some stuff around. I get all 3 Long Fangs and 2 Rhinos of GHs! So, I spread them out and try to deal with the Terminators and Bjorn walking into my lines before the second wave gets there.

The game ran all the way through turn 6 before ending. I was tabled to sum it up. With the charity rule of being able to buy rerolls for a quarter each and being unlimited at how many times you can reroll, do you think I killed much with a 2+ and 3+ inv saves. Um no...and having a limited budget that I could spend on rerolls also hindered alot.

One of  his great minis!

Turn 2 reserves prepare for the onslaught!

The other side of turn 2 reserves!

Bjorn the converted!

Great! They jacked our rhino and now what?


Thunder Wolf HO!

Logan who?

I move on to another Wolf player by the name of Patrick (hah!, same name as me). We end up with a Spearhead Mission this time and there is two objectives in each deployment quarter, one is a trip that
turns the scenery into dangerous terrain and the other is the actual objective. Patrick was another great player and had a very nice army to boot, that is one think I appreciate is always having a well painted army on the table adds alot to the experience.

The other Patrick...

It seems that I missed the "Thunder Wolf Charity" memo for  Space Wolf players as I brought none. This guy had this: Wolf Lord on a Wolf with a unit of Thunder Wolves mixed with a hammer, storm shields (2) and melta bombs. He also had a Las/Plas Razorback with a unit inside and another pair Rhino with a large squad in it. A Long Fang squad rounded this out with 2 Lascannons and 3 Missile Launchers.

I lost the roll and ended up going second. I put out the Long Fangs in hopes of removing his and then giving some focus to the Wolves and Rhinos. Hah! Again the reroll city came down the line as cover saves passed after money is tossed. Again, I see where this is going. The Thunder Wolf Calv just walks into my army and starts to slowly take me apart. I pull the trap, but again I got laughed at by the rerolls on rerolls to get the desired results. Plus, appears this store uses the house rule that when you roll Dangerous terrain checks, you just toss the dice and then you can allocate....which is weird, as the wording states each model must be rolled for, not roll a die for each model in the squad. I roll with it, as I doubt I could win as I don't have the money or the heavy handed list to win with. Meh, it was for fun anyway. The game ended with him all but almost removing me from the table. I would have more than likely wiped his Wuflin on the table and hid in cover or ran for cover in the last Rhino, otherwise everything else was dead.

Grey Hunters vs Long Fangs

Cluster **** from hell

Great, now they are looking for a new chew toy!

Ewww! Wet dawgs!

The last round was to be a random pairing of 1000 pt lists for a team game for the final. As we had 6 players there was not enough to do this, so we do a 3/3. This was pretty much a modified Kill Point Mission as the lowest scoring team player would determined your KP total. So if two had 2 points and one had 1, you ended with 1 point. All the Wolves got bunched on one side to face down Imperial Fists, Dark Angels (Deathwing mostly) and Blood Angels. Yes, the entire event was a 3+ MEQ event.

A picture says a thousand the other side.

We played till about round 4 where it was starting to drag. Basically they had a ton of terminators, we could stall them for awhile but with storm shields galore all around it was going to be a hard win and with Death Company in jump packs running amuck it wasn't going to be pretty. We did a great alpha strike and removed all their first deployment Rhinos, Vindicators and Whirlwinds along with a few marines. Then here came the pain of the terminators and Death Company, ugh! We called the game at this point in an agreed draw to avoid running over in time as we was pretty much over in our allotted round time.

What is left after turn 1....

Great! Dark Angels! There goes the neighborhood!

Run lads! I can hold them!

In retrospect, I suggested they modify the event to limit the reroll to one charity reroll for each dice once to keep things sane or perhaps cap the amount of money that could be spent to make people think before rolling 6 to 10 times to get a desired roll.

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