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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Rundown

Well, my painting goals for the month sucked. Still, I am underway that next month I should be airbrushing enough to make up for that loss and then some!

Picked up a green tote (the large type) that is great for storing the small boxes that I use to hold models when I don't use foam. This is what is on the lid of EVERY tote you buy.....
Well, that totally scraps my plans to how I am going to store my children!

Introducing Big Mek Optick!

Built from Gorkamorka mono-wheel, a custom made wrench, the head is from MaxMini Orc heads, the standard plastic klaw and one of the heavy weapons torsos to hold the second KFF I am building.

Da Shaman Nutzwig that can double for the special Weirdboy character ole Zogwart. There are snakes around the body for the fluff and rules.

This model was a beast to make. Started with the Savage Orc Shaman from Fantasy, another head from the MaxMini line, then added on the arm and green stuff some gaps. The staff is a pole of collected skulls from other psykers and weirdboyz he has killed in the past to harness their power to his. The skull at the top is a spot of honor for his former teacher and mentor. 4 skulls are human and one other from ork from vanquished foes. This guy has been primered today and I will slowly start to paint him up.

I got the feeling, someone is watching me! Sorry, 80's flashback!
Again, just a small update to the demon table. Cleaned up the model some and added some texture to the base and filled in the gaps for the teeth/claws. This is wood filler, which is nice as it can be sanded out once it dries. The brown part is going to be a bio-organic type of paint job, the talons will be bone color with the bottom edges some contrasting color. The Eye I may touch up and then paint it with some clear coat to make it look wet.

A good day to primer. As usual, I have been lazy but didn't stop me today to slip outside and primer some models to paint up. Been wanting to get these bikers underway. Still have the Boss and Doc to finish up. I also have three other bikers to convert from the older bikes as well. All said and done I will have 10 bikers in total. Boss with Klaw, Doc on Bike, 2 Nobz with Klaws, the rest will be normal bikers or some minor upgrade to avoid making them all the same for wound allocation.  Also among the mess on the left is some bits to the Valkyrie and Demolisher kit to finish painting up. I built the tank to be modular to remove all the weapons and swap things around. In the back is the 5 servo skulls ready to go and a Demon Prince that I primered. Been having a small urge to paint some demons up while I am still getting ready for the Space Wolf and Dark Angel production line. I think in my mind that if I do a bunch of aliens and demons I will be in the mindset for power armor.

Introducing Doc Chop Klever and his sidekick da'disorderly Orderly

A good close up. Still a WIP. Standard Bike, front is a spare Marine front that I plan to add some tools of the trade. The mask is from the burna boyz line, the clever is from the Fantasy Ork line, I saw it in a friends biz box and fell in love with it and it is fitting..."Oie' dis has to goe!" *CHOP*
The grot is going to get something instead of that pipe, I was thinking a hammer for anesthesia in the field or perhaps the syringe he is holding for the doc. The head is from the StormBoyz set from the gretchin in there. For the top I am going to put some type of Orcish medical symbol that I am going to cook up. Going to add some pads over the arms and I had to extend the bike handle so he would fit.

My find at Ikea. I have been lusting after one of the glass display cases they have for $60. I want 2-3 for my hobby room to display my models. They are very nice. So, I had to settle for a $3 case instead. Found this in the children's area. I think my wife found it fitting that I would snatch this up for the cart. Going to have to go back and get a few more.

Just to give you some examples of what you can put in there. I placed one of my MaxMini thunderwolves in one slot and he fit like a glove. Dreads fit nice (if you have banners they can get in the way, suggest magnets). The Deffkopta fit in nicely straight up, on the side the blades to poke up a bit and leaves little room to close the box. The ork bikers fit also very nicely. I also put two Tau in there one Crisis Suit standing up (so you could put two suits in one slot) and a Broadside can lay on the side for easy travel. Next Ikea run I may need to get one of those glass cases and a few of these. One for my Thunderwolves, speeders and dreadnoughts. Another two for my Ork bikers and at least two to three for my Tau. Also, the slots do come out all over to make longer sections, so a dreadnought with a banner could fit the other way or to accommodate larger models.

Fixed a few models also like my Tomb Spider that had lost a set of legs and some other minor glue and fixes to models that comes with wear and tear of moving them about, handling them and using them in games. So, lazy in painting but still doing various hobby work.

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