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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bowl Bowl League Update

Played my first game of Blood Bowl since the season started about 2 months ago. Setbacks with life has kept me from being able to toss the dice from holidays to family issues. It was nice to get back into the swing of playing the game and this is one of those great games, play for awhile, put it away. Then bust it out later for another run of fun.

For those that has never played, it's football with Fantasy mixed in. Hurt the other team and try to score as many touchdowns. Pretty simple rules and after a few games you get the hang pretty easy. There is a variety of teams out there but only some are viable teams. The others are more for fun than anything.

My Necromantic Undead known as the Mordheim Monster Mash took on the Norse last night in our typical smack down with no real major happenings to the game. We tied the game ending in a draw as well as we beat the snot ouf of one another. I am thankful my team can bypass injuries with a 4+ due to regeneration! Almost lost a werewolf to a lucky roll which is one of the most expensive models I have on the team.

The major event of the game was a bust for me and a break for him. He rolls box cars and that is the "Pitch Invasion" on the kickoff chart. All the fans swarm the field and can mob the models knocking them down and stunning them. Of course I have to only roll a 5 or 6 to get this result and he has to get a 6. Guess what? Nothing but 4+ or less 11 times! He on ther other hand had about 4-5 of my models sucking dirt. *sigh*

Oh well, 6 more games in 2 months to finish! Let's see how the Mash can do now! *cue the music*

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