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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Depending on your point of view my hobby for this weekend could be seen as either lazy and slacking or productive. I am for the most part in my thoughts of in between the two, but that is just me.

Finished Prospero Burns, no spoilers, but I will say the last two chapters keep you on your toes and won't let you put book down! Dan Abnett really did a fine work with this book. The funny thing is this is the "other side" of the Thousand Sons book. Told from the story of a human skald that gets embroiled into the middle of history itself. I will warn readers that the early part of the book is more dry and historical like some of the early Heresy books but warms up to you at the mid and gives you a good crisp finish.

Just picked up Blood Pact (yes, another Dan Abnett book), sometimes I think he is the Rutger Hauer of books. Much like Hauer's movies that constantly seemed to be always out in the 80's and 90's, Dan has the same habit of turning out not only a steady flow of books but well written at that. Often writers will have "down time" books that are not their best but something to pay the bills if you will. I am only a few chapters into the book but still holds to the quality of Gaunt's Ghosts we know and love. Already on a third series says much about his creative talent. Still, I think all good things will come to an end and this will be in my guess, his last Gaunt series. I already see hints in this book that are setting the story up for it. I also had a good laugh about Rawne, one of the best characters if you ask me from the Ghosts. He struck me the other day as the Hannibal of the A Team, always scheming and thinking of wacky plans and heists to fill his pockets during the war. The opening of the book gives way to his antics again, not on the front lines, Rawne is back in business!

Hobby wise I did very little but what was done was productive. I managed to rework some storage cases to carry some things better with the hopes this will help me be a little better ogranized in the future.

I finished painting the second Rune Priest (base not finished) but overall I am happy with how he turned out.

Painted some on one of the last things for Anthem that I am finishing up for thier store collection. I went with a yellow to spice up this one as most coptors show up in blue and red, still have to paint the teeth (jags) on the yetllow but I think it is going to look great.

Next up, the servo skulls got some slate added to their bases to hide the wire and give it some terrain feel to the model.

On to the warped minds of Chaos, tinkered today with one of the scenery bits I am working on for a Demon World Themed table. My hope is to create enough sccenery for each of the 4 gods to fill each quarter up dedicated to each, This is one dedicated to Tzeench, still a WIP, I secured the teeth to the base a little better and filled in some holes on the teeth with leftover putty that I was using on the Space Wolf Dreadnought (see prior post) that I was working on before. Still working on the details for the rest but I think this will be a very interesting bit of scenery when I am finished.

I hope to make it out Thursday for some 40k gaming and get another Blood Bowl game in this week. So, looks to be a busy week and I am going to start slipping in some painting also. The weather today on Sunday was a bit cool for my tastes along the coast to primer. I did manage to primer some Long Fangs on Saturday once the afternoon seemed to balance out for a short while before it slipped back into being questionable.


  1. The Runepriest looks good! I like the "grey" look, same with Lue's. My came out too blue.

    DeffKopta! Yay! Thanks for posting, I have to "repaint" a DeffKopta, and had no idea where to start. Son painted it when he was 11 or so.. whenever I first bought AoBR ages ago.

  2. Thanks, I need to "brighten" him a tad but I like the overall look.

    I think on your blog you have the paint direction you want to go in. Just look at pics online and you can get tons of ideas. The Waaagh has some great pics posted by great painters.

  3. thx bro, you gonna be at Anthem tomorrow? I'm going up to pick up a box, no gaming.. too hectic :-)


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