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Monday, January 24, 2011

What the? A change in GW attitude?

The title says it all. As of the start of the year, I have been surprised by two turns that GW has done with 40k that has given me the sign that times are about to change again. Back when we changed to our current edition, GW said that they would not do the things they did in the edition prior making up special units and adding them to White Dwarf to upgrade current armies (like Tau Auxiliaries) or make huge changes to FAQs for older codex books that had the same materials in them.

Here we see that Dark Angels and Black Templar's finally get the toys that the Space Marines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels have already been enjoying. 3+ storm shields, apothecaries that give Feel No Pain to their unit and so on. This has sparked a new interest again to these armies to some small degree.

Introducing the Night Spinner:

What is this? A new thing for the Eldar? Looks like GW is again trying to draw some interest to the older lines with an overturn of their own edict of no updates or adding to a codex until it is updated. What is funny is this is ANOTHER heavy choice which is prime for an Eldar army and had many good choices to choose from. I doubt you will see this appear much on the tables for tournaments. Perhaps more for fun games and Apocalypse games.  

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  1. The opportunity to boost sales will override any planned direction of a company. It's amazing.


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