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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blood Bowl: League Game 4

On Thursday, I played against the Ogres. Oh, what a treat this game was. It was a close one ending only in 0-1, Ogres taking home the win in this case. As the came ended, 5 out of his 6 ogres was off the table and there was a great chance to rule the field if we had a few extra turns. Still, I learned to put aside my fear, yea they are AV9 and STR 5, but enough bodies can win the day. As it stands I am at 3 losses and 1 draw for the league with only a handful of games left.

First Half setup for the kickoff!

First turn of mayhem!

First ogre to the bench!

Second half line up! HIKE!

To be thrown down field, land on  his feet, run to the end zone and only fall and break his neck!

The bigger they fall!

One last try!

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