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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Of Dark Desires, Rantings of Chaos and other random things.

With it being a holiday weekend for me has been rough on the ole hobby schedule. Still, the relaxing times are rare and often needed. Enjoying time away from home in Sarasota with the wife, good food, wine, walks on the beach and shopping...

Picked up Dark Creed from the Black Library line, This is the third book for the Word Bearers, one of my favorite of the fallen legions. The story has been good for the most part, some people didn't like the flavor or style of the story but each person have thier own ways they like things. I always enjoy the good "bad guy" book over the constant hero novels.

I did pick up a new model this weekend, the Chaos Temple. This is something I have wanted for some time and I am looking forward to getting a mold kit, make some impressions of the skulls and then put it together! This was bought with the Demon World scenery I am working on and this is going to rock!

Painting and hobby wise I have been lazy for the most part. Doing some shuffling around, repacked some stuff this last week and almost have the last Copter ready for Anthem's Orks....yay! on to my stuff! I will try to post a WIP pick soon.

My friend has loaned me an airbursh he bought long ago but never used yet. So, I am going to go take some lessons from some friends on how it works. Then invest in a better one later, my first goal is to get a good compressor for workload painting. I can already see an entire company of DA, Space Wolves along with related vehicles among other things getting base coated in no time and some highlights on the base coats. Sure, I have to paint the details and finish the bases but this would just blast me along the road of painting stuff and getting it on the table. I am still watching videos and reading up on various things as I want to be informed not only about the techniques but my purchases also. I am thinking I may get a refubed compressor or perhaps check some pawn shops for some deals....

Of dark desires I am looking at the Dark Eldar now as a possible army. I am going at the approach this time from a reseach point of view, collect the army slowly and paint it up quickly. I want to make it about 2500pts tops and leave it there until I want to add more. My largest issue is finding a list I like, there is elements that I like but taking a bunch of this and that won't work well and I don't want to get stuck with the Kinko list (as I call them) of cut'n'paste the same unit over and over. I do this at times and it annoys me at times, just not much variety. Still, I like the Court of the Archeon, which I know is now the best unit, but fluff wise I think it is very interesting, thinking of warrior focus for troops instead of Wracks and vehicles. This is going to be a long term projcet as I am going to have to convert or wait for models to come out that I would like to see gace this list. Fluff wise I am going with the concept of a pirate style raider that enjoys hunting and collecting things with the theme of "Malice"  and using the color green. I've not seen many done in this color as most are blue, reds and black mostly. I am still thinking of over options and have to admit I like the mauve I used for the Tau, but I have some other colors from the Armory  Paint line tha tI like and may use instead.

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  1. I'm interested in seeing how the air brush comes along. Just basing vehicles and models, has to be worth it. I haven't been able to take the plunge yet.

    I definitely want to see what color scheme you come up with for Dark Eldar. G.McNeil did a great job on them in one of the Ultramarines books, WOW, they are sick! Literally, freakin' nutz!


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