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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What was I thinking?

Have to give credit to Lance for this funny Dilbert cartoon. He found it on the net and posted it on Fantasy Battles bulletin board.

Stopped by a LGS Skull and Bones today to find my tape measure that I was sure was left there after a tournament last weekend and talked to one of the owners about a variety of stuff. The topic of  "stupid things" we as experienced players have done and then step back going, "What was I thinking!" passed along in the conversation.

In this instance, I have been guilty of this and at least two players I have played against including the gent I was conversing with today. You get first turn, setup your army. They hold all in reserve, you get out of sequence somehow. Either just excited about getting to the fun part of blasting at the other army or nerves, in either case you fire off all your smoke launchers on your vehicles first turn to then see the horrible truth that they don't roll reserves until turn 2! As you went first, they have a whole turn to do nothing.  Then you get your turn 2....this time with no smoke options and they can roll in out of reserve blasting away.

A second story I can share was playing with my best friend  at a team tournament with a dark stain on a moment in gaming that will never be forgotten. We was playing Salamanders and IG against Necrons and either Demons or a second Necron army in the team. In either case, they has Nightbringer in their mist. As he charged towards our lines it was about to get ugly in hand to hand. I suggested we roll up his Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield terminators to stop the C'Tan. Thinking, oh they have a 3+ save and master crafted hammers. Seems I forgot that rule with the C'Tan, he ignores all saves including invulnerable ones! Poof goes the Terminators. I get this look from my friend, rightly so....and he still has never let me forget it!!!!!

So, I am opening this blog for readers to share their "face palm moments" or "acts of stupidity" that they have done in gaming or have observed in their community. Please share!

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