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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tau vs Orks, the classic game!

The sands whipped around the orks as they neared the ruins of an abandoned Imperial industrial complex.

Big Mek Ob'Da'Bilda walks up next to Warboss Big Bluez, "Oi' boss, what are we doing today?"
The warboss looked over at the Mek, many times over he wanted him dead but he was too damm  useful to kill at this point....his army would be deprived of many toys and he would be forced to fight with stones and sticks if it came to that. He sighed, "Same ting we dooes every night, we gonna krump some  Tau!"

The Mek grinned barely contained in the glee of looting more tech to build better weapons and vehicles. He waves his claw to his Trukk, "Load up boyz' we's gonna getz some scrap!"

The Warboss was already walking towards his Trukk, "Hope that damm Erk Snikrot was worth all doez teeth I paid! He said there was Tau waiting just over the ridge...tell Zagstruck not to  be late!" He glances up to see the large ork plane roar overhead towards the objective zone, the boss mutters, "Show offs...."


Played a great game of 40k after Blood Bowl, seems there is where my win was hiding!

My opponent had this (from memory):
* Commander with plasma and missile pod
* Several Crisis suits, one set of 3 with missile pods (x2), another group with twin linked burst cannons and flamers, the last group has plasma and missiles.
* Two Broadside teams 3 and 2 with missile pods.
* Small Unit of Kroot
* 3 Units of Fire Warriors (small 6 man) with Devilfish
* 2 Skimmers with melta
* Hammerhead with ion cannon and burst cannons

My list:
* Warboss with TL shoota, klaw, eavy armor, cybork and attack squig
* Big Mek with Klaw and KFF with cybork.
* 15 Kommandos with 2 burnas with Snikrot
* 19 Stormboyz with Zagstruck
* 2 units of 30 Boyz with 3 Rockets, Nob with klaw and bosspole. Unit has shootas.
* 2 units of 11 boyz with the same nob with a big shoota.
* 2 Boomwagons with big shoota
* 3 Deffkoptas with 2 missiles and 1 with twin linked shootas with a buzzsaw on one of the missiles.

The mission: kill points with spearhead deployment

I won the roll to go first. I deployed the two Boomwagons with the trucks next to one another. One of each character in each trukk and the KFF covered all 4. The boyz tucked nicely behind some buildings and the vehicles. The Stormboyz and Kommandos are off board ready to pounce.

He sets up his Tau, his plan was a bit scattered due to the speed in front with the bulk #s, the kommandos sneaking around and Zagstruck ready to pounce. My koptas sped forward in a turbo boost and he failed to seize.

The Koptas flew forward and attacked the Crisis Suits with the missile pods. The fight ended badly for the Tau fleeing away. The koptas slipped into cover and waited to be shot apart. Both Boom Wagons roll a 1 and race forward. *sigh* The Trukks move around to setup for a big charge, I try to keep the KFF to cover most everything. The boyz move up some and I get some amazing missile shots, he pulls most saves off I think I got one wound on a drone. Down only a few suits and drones, this was going to be a tough fight it seemed.

His turn flew the speeder up and wiffed on a shot to one of the Wagons! The rest of the shooting opened up on the Trukks and troops. I pulled off several cover saves and taking on a few losses. The koptas took most of the fire and in the end died a screaming death.

Turn 2 saw my Wagons shoot forward again! ARG! Both of them! Twice in a row! Snikrot shows up and creeps on the table. Zagstruck is still high in the sky. I race the Warboss up, jump out, shoot then prepare to charge one of the broadside teams. Snikrot makes quick work of the Crisis Team protecting the Commander that promptly breaks ands runs away. The boyz manage to take down one skimmer and I continue to shoot at some of the Crisis teams dancing about. The warboss and nob crushed the broadsides in one sweep and was caught in the open.

His turn 2 opened fire on the boss, the Warboss bravely took several shots before he had enough and fell over full of smoking craters in his armor and meked out body and the boyz around him dead. The Trukk was immobile at this point but the gunner wasn't giving up just yet. Snikrot took a bunch of shots but held on. One Boomwagon falls prey to a railshot (if i recall) and went up in a ball of fire...the other Trukk blows up also and the Big Mek is forced to walk.

Turn 3 for me, the Mek closes on the other skimmer, we end up ripping the weapon off.  Some meh shooting, Snikrot's burns envelops a Fire Warrior team in flames and leaves nothing left after a few mercy shots from the boyz pistols.  The Boomwagon again rolls a 1! This time it keeps bumping impassible scenery unable to move. Zag enters, scatters badly and ends up on the other side of the table out of the game.

His turn kills a few more Orks, he breaks Snikrot and ends up pinning them as they flee into cover.  The Trukk gunner is dead leaving the Trukk as a low armor bunker.....

Turn 4 wrapped up quickly, the Big Mek killed the Broadsides at this point with his boyz. The other group downed the other speeder. The boomwagon moves finally and blasts one of the Devilfish, hits, pens, fails its cover save from the disruptor pod and promptly explodes. Both fire warriors and drones are pinned.

At this point he looked at the kill points and I was 11 to his 6 from what I recall. Snikrot was broken and running, the koptas dead, the boss down and his boyz dead and one trukk down. The Trukk would have been an easy kill, maybe the Mek and crew but then I would have taken down more than likely the fire warriors and two sets of drones running around. A win for Da Boyz!

Kudos to Andrew for being a great player and providing a great army to play against. Always great to see two well painted armies face off!

The Mek looked around as the Tau was pulling back in a full retreat two Devilfish, one Hammerhead, some Kroot and a few Firewarriors and drones was all that was left. He smirked as he looks over at the Warboss, as he let out a groan, "Good, es'got life in'em yet....still can use'em..." He snaps his fingers and the boyz move to lift the boss up to give him some assistance.

The Ob'da Bilda saw the boys was already at work, stripping armor, weapons and taking apart vehicles for parts. He glanced at the Trukks, "Gotta get mez a new ride first...then fix da boss...then the koptas should fly again..." Looking at  their wreckage not far away. His head was already buzzing with ideas of new weapons and armor to make for the next battle.

Pics of the game:

Da Deployment!

Unprepared for his picture taken Andrew studies his forces!

It's Krumping time! Snikrot style!

Broadsides vs Da Boss!

End of Turn 2 for me!

The drones flee the burning wreck after a well placed rocket attack!

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