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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Stuff

Here is a few pics of things done...

Da Witchdocta!

The orange snake offsets the green and is an ode to the old 80's Yoda figure.

Need to touch up the sandbags...

Rear of Manticore

Side shot


Rear of the Demolisher, modified adding a Predator Power pack to the back..


  1. Bro, how many Armies do you have? How do you determine what gets painted? What you enjoy, or model that looks good? Models you want to field?

  2. Let's see:
    Let's start with Chaos:
    Iron Warriors (3kish)
    Word Bearers (2kish)
    Demons (3kish)
    1000 Sons (2kish)
    World Eaters (2kish)
    Death Guard (2kish)

    Most Word Bearers and Iron Warriors are done, some odd and ends to finish, 1000 Sons are mostly done but sgts, demon prince and some characters. World Eaters and DG are WIP and not painted. I also have a pile of minis I got in a trade also ready to do something with. Demons also, most at painted but I have a few odd and end units and such to finish up. Back in the day I started with Iron Warriors and then went to Word Bearers (then the Demon codex came out and the redid the Chaos codex). Collected up the other things also. Chaos was my first army back in 94.

    I also have:
    * Space Wolves (3kish+), not much painted
    * Dark Angels (at least 4kish, full company plus Raven and Deathwing with Scouts and Reserve units), Ravenwing painted only.
    * Necrons (about 3kish), a few odd bits, 98% done.
    * Orks (4-5kish) lots unfinished.
    * Tau (3kish) about half painted
    * IG about 20% painted, mostly vehicles, pending bitz orders.

    Short of Dark Eldar and Eldar I have most of any army. Been eyeing Dark Eldar now they have nice models.

    Chaos has slowed as the codex changed and then the rules changed over and the codex sucked. I am waiting to see what they do before I do much more with them.

    Painting: Most of the time I paint what I want to get done for a tournament. If I am being held up on that waiting for bitz to order or osme other reason I move to what I enjoy. I am a cursed Gemeni, my attention gets split very easy and I have to really focus if I want to get an army done. Which is why I want the airbrush compressor to assist with basecoating. I think once I get that Dark Angels and Wolves will be hitting the table quickly. Who knows after that. I have a huge order list of magnets, bitz and mold stuff to get to finish up some things....I'm a slow painter, it's my worst talent. I perfer to play and convert more as well as read the fluff. Speed painting is what I need to teach myself.

  3. Brother that is alot! I feel ya on the Chaos. Back when I first was interested in 40k, the Chaos Codex was the first one I purchased. Absolutely loved it. Never played, but the options and individuality was amazing. The latest Codex is just... 'bland'.. 'meh'. I was really disappointed to find they really dumbed them down.

    I paint really fast, but that's all I do. I was talking with Joe this Saturday about your blog. Some of the stuff you model and customize is amazing. That takes skill and imagination. Speed painting is just practice, do it enough and you get faster.

    I used to paint with a #1 Round or smaller brush. Now #4 Round is about the smallest I use. After the 1G stuff, I want to focus on some modeling a terrain, now that is where the coolness is at!

  4. Thanks to you and Joe for the kind words....

    Never short sell fast painting, it is a talent like the modeling work I do. Conversions are easy once you do them a few times. It was one of my skills at GW, if people wanted ideas to convert something. They told me what they was looking for. I could pitch bitz to them to include in the model and everyone loved it. I also taught people how to pin, basic putty and dremel things. I think of it much like how I cook, I start with what I want to work with, add this, that and poof I have a great meal. Be happy to teach you any skills I know about conversions, etc...I also tuaght painting at GW and I am just table worthly kinda of guy, some of these guys made first cut Games Day in painting less than a year.

    I used to know a guy that would only paint with the largest brushes. Detail and everything...the guy was an amazing painter.

  5. Ugh! I got such a looooong way to go!


  6. If it helps, I've played since 94 and I am a packrat that is OCD when it comes to collecting gaming stuff.


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