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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2011 Cabanahammer

Cabanahammer was a great event for today! Many thanks to those that attended! Cameron for the beer, everyone for the drinks and food! Lee special thanks for the extra table and everyone helping out in general. I hope everyone had a good time, sounds like everyone did.

For those that do not understand what Cabanahammer is, this is the third year. I try to do this at least once a year where I live. We have a pool and cabana with bathrooms and a kitchen. When the weather is nice this is one of the best gaming experience you can have in my opinion. I ask everyone to bring something to add to the food and drinks. I always provide a meat and side dish. This year was hamburgers and hot dogs with pasta salad. We had chips, sour cream and onion dip, great bean dip and hummas along with cookies and a wonderful blueberry cheesecake. The weather was a nice 76 today with a light wind, no rain. Can't ask for anything more perfect.

Attending was a great group of gamers, each from veteran players to new players to the hobby .Lee, Lars, Rob, Joe, Andrew, Cameron, Chris and myself were the players. We had a great host of armies including:
  • Orks (Chris swapped to balance one game)
  • Dark Eldar (Lee)
  • Ravenwing (me)
  • Imperial Guard (Cameron)
  • Tau (Andrew)
  • Tyranids (Joe)
  • Space Wolves (Chris and Rob)
  • Chaos (Lars)
Overall a nice mix, no Necrons or Eldar was to be found. Actually, we should have had to have had an Eldar player but due to the flu he could not attend.

My dice rolling along with Lars was the top runners for "worst dice rolling" of the event. I scout moved my Ravenwing forward, sped into the lines of turn 1. I destroyed one Hellhound with a multimelta bike. The rest wiffed. All my plasma either missed, failed to do anything or STUNNED the same rhino over and over.

The second game against Lee was a total cluster. Night shields and the 5+ save just is rude! Can't shoot the turns I flanked on, he hid in the center, picked me off slowly and used the mission to cleverly bait the game for the win. Our game was over quickly, and we got to enjoy watching the other games.

I am dead tired, and I feel this is a good time to wrap up. Some famous line of this morning, "This is a hard lesson learned" in my haste I tried to make the sour cream and onion dip in the dish and had should have made it in another bowl and added it to dish later. Comedy at its finest.

My wife is tickled as I only planned to serve hamburgers but my wife encouraged the purchase of hot dogs. She was happy that only one dog survived the event and was a great pick to our shopping list. Imagine that from a vegetarian!

Link of pics:


  1. Great people, Great Games, Great time! Have to do that again! Learned alot!!! Games were alot of fun! Some memorable dice rolls. You easily had worst for the first game, but Lars may have caught up by the second lol! Those rolls were so bad, they were funny!

  2. Glad everyone had a good time. Got some ideas on how to improve it next time.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting this event! The weather was perfect, the food was perfect and most important, it was a lot of fun!

    From my first game I gotta ask, who would win in a contest of fire power: Dark Eldar or Tau? Because DE....scary!

    Good time indeed. Everyone was cool and laid back. That is what I enjoyed the most. For a relatively new player, I really appreciated the accommodating atmosphere and patience that I'm sure it takes. :-)

    Thanks again Styx!

  4. Glad everyone had a great time. Could not ask for better weather, players or food!

    I am toying with one in the summer, there is a place up the road I may be able to rent so we can have AC and has a kitchen, another association has it but ours uses it for meetings and such. Has a huge room. Could almost do a mini tournament!

    Tau vs DE, DE would wound hands down. Newer codex, cheaper models and just bad ass all around. Tau would get a turn to shoot and then have DE all in their face.


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