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Friday, February 25, 2011

This week in review....

Well, this week has had some mixed results. Some good, some bad...

The bad, well tried to replicate the paint job that I used on my IG vehicles. The Denab Stone and Gretchin Green. Ugh! Tried the uniform both in green and stone and the armor the opposite. The cloth looks better in Denab Stone but the Green is a little to be desired. Both to me look like crap and I am not happy with the colors. I am thinking of going to a darker brown and green, keep the vehicles a lighter stone color. Some of them is black for night fighting conditions, so they may be repainted in the deep future.

The positive stuff...

Added magnets to the Manticore so I can remove the missiles with each shot to keep track.
I had to shave down the nubs on the tracks and get the magnets to replace them in the fitting.
You may see some green paint...more on this next...

This is an example of how to properly setup your magnets.
I slap a little paint on the side that is about to be glued to the model.
This ensures the polarity is always the same for all magnets.

Shows a connection point of the missile, can barely see it.

Another view....again until they get removed you won't see them.

My converted buzzsaw for my latest koptor!

Front shot of the saw...

Better angle with more light...

The saw. Simple enough, take two ork chainswords, shave them down and glue them together.
Add one magnet and your done!

Da Ork Bomb! Converted from a flamer backpack from the IG.
Shaved the tank lines off and added a magnet. Small and simple that fits nicely.

Both side by side....

Side shot of the bomb. Once the spray hits the magnets you won't see it unless you look closely.

Product of a few lunch breaks this week....not finished but getting there...

Meet one of the Nobz....

Klaw 1 Biker Nobz, love him due to the skull plate and armor!

Shoter than the other Nobz he makes up with a bad ass chain whip!

Orkish Robocop on bike or just a Nob with attitude!

Robocops twin...

The Mad Doc, should be primered this weekend to add in.
Mad Doc Choppa!

Still have some other word to do on the bikes and they will be done. Have to touch up the warboss on bike next and then finish using green stuff to bulk up the legs on my older bikers....should top me off nicely as a full squad or just about. HEhehehehheh....

Milling over a few armies to perhaps take to a tournament in a few weeks, Not sure what yet, Demons I have never done but I would have to finish some stuff to be ready. Orks, I could add some or just go with what I got or borrow from Chris. IG has always been the classic old school of late and may be time for a change up again. Chaos has a slight appeal but I would have to get some vehicles ready for that. Demons, Chaos, Orks or IG pretty much is  my choices. Necrons are just not worthwhile enough to play in a tournament. Wolves and Dark Angels are not painted up yet.


  1. Those bikes look great! I like the buzzsaw on the kopter. I gotta go thru my bits and use that on my vehicles. Something to jazz up these old models.

  2. Thanks! Bikes have a ways to go...was going to primer today but there is some humidity in the air I don't like and some clouds that look too much like rain...despite the forcast saying no rain.

    If you ever need any ideas or help converting something let me know. The saw bit was an easy thing to do and I think it will look great. Trust me I have a pile of the old stuff also and I am trying to figure out how to jazz them up also...

  3. Love the bikes! Are you just painting or do you run Orks?

    So far hands down, the Ork codex is a great read! I love how their weapons can either rule or totally screw up. lol

  4. Oh I have an ork army, large one. Just every now and then I am trying to slip back to them to get another unit done every now and then. They are one of 4 armies I am thinking of taking to a tournament in a few weeks.

    Either Demons, Orks or Chaos is on the plate...not sure what I may take as of yet.

    I should bring the old Ork codex with me next time I see you. It is a scream, basicly you rolled every time you did something on a chart to see what it would do. That was back in the good ole days of 2nd. 3rd was a bit more solid and was a strange codex that let you steal vehicles from IG and Space you had to have like 2-3 codex books to run an amry!


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