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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Been a few days since I posted up anything. Been busy spending time with the wife, home repairs and doing a variety of things.

To start off the weekend I pushed out the Anthem Games 40k League Rules and sign up has started.

I tried to build a league format different from others, trying to bring in the elements of playing, painting and building the community. My hope is that I captured that and that I should be launching the Anthem 40k League Blog shortly that is going to be a great tool to post up League news, missions, leader boards, player blog links and much more.

Ordered 300 magnets from KC Magnetics (see my links). 250 D21's, these are great for backpacks, arms and more. The other is a long thin magnet that should be great got about 50 of them for mounts for guns and missiles for the Manticore. It will be great to be able to pop a missile off each time it fires to keep track of how many shots are left. The Vendetta can swap back to a Valk also.

Finally got around to putting squad markings on my Ravenwing, still need to touch them up but I put the photos on my photobucket account:

I used Microsol for the decals, this was my first try at using the stuff. The red bottle is the one I used that works great for angles, shapes and such on a figure to get the decal to conform. Much like plastic glue it melts the transfer into the plastic, if you remove it, you remove the paint. What is great about this is that it removes the look of the transfers and makes it look almost painted on.

Primered some models to at least be ready to paint. May try to get some of these done for Cabanahammer next weekend perhaps.

Burna Boyz

Leftover Kommandos, one burna two Nobz with Klaws

Some Power Weapon Ravenwing models to paint (yes, I don't glue my models to the bikes to swap them out)

Mek with gun

5 More Lootas a few short of a full squad with the others I started to paint.

Top of a battle wagon. Converted turret to have a boomgun option.

Space Wolves Objective Marker


Next! I need to plan to make a list of follow up things for Cabanahammer for this weekend. Looks like it will be a blast with a full house of 10. Be nice to be able to have more but at that point we would have our own mini convention! At this rate of 10 we rival some tournaments! I have plates, forks, knifes, spoons, napkins, cups already. Missions are done and ready to be copied. Everyone should have the address, knows the points and everyone is bringing something to the food pile to go with the burgers and pasta salad I am making.

Things to do:
  • Follow up with everyone.
  • Buy meat and pasta salad stuff. Make Friday night and prep the hamburgers the night before.
  • Make sure the long tables are out of storage at the cabana and that there is gas in the grill (have backup at my house anyway).
  • Make copies of the mission.
  • Pack up armies and scenery.

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