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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Random Rants and Why I didn't work on my hobby tonight!

My magnet order came in the mail the other day and due to my Blood Bowl game, I didn't have time to open it till today. I was happy with the D21 round, the flat ones I was surprised how small they was, compared to the penny in the photo, I should have went up a size. Oh well, I can make these work for several projects. The D21s are great as now I can start working on my Terminators to allow me arm swaps. I just have to find more power weapons and extra shoulder pads. I will start asking on various boards for bitz to swap out otherwise I may have to order some. Not very expensive but saves money trading stuff....

Blood Bowl: GAH! This was perhaps my worst game in history. I forgot the camera and there isn't much to say. I played the Norse player last night, he was behind about 150k in value to my team and got some great perks. The sad part is his team really didn't need it and he had some great luck. my dice just sucked....nothing else can some it up. I usually pass most of my Regeneration rolls, not this time karma hits you like a freight train when it runs out. I had amazing luck with my team until last night. By the end of the game I had two players on the field, everything else was knocked out, injured or dead (I actually took my first loss of a player last night). The bad part is it was an expensive and experienced model, not just some lame cheap player. Oh well, I can safely say I am out of playing for the top dog of a league, even if I win all 3 of my games there is no chance in hell I could catch up. That's the breaks. I may look at another team, but the investment is the catch. I do have some Orks and Humans that I may examine. Orks I have always liked and this may be a good change of pace.

Cabanahammer is on the rise, a delay tonight put me behind so I will have to drop by tomorrow after work and catch one of the key people in my community to make sure the tables are out Friday night or Saturday morning. In either case I am not sweating that. Still have to pack up some stuff and do some shopping as well as cook the pasta salad and setup the burgers to grill. Figure I will have a late night tomorrow but it will be worthwhile. We are down a guy with the flu, so my friend Lee is trying to pick up a spare player to keep it even. Otherwise, I can sit out or play a larger army. One of the guys I am sure is goign to leave after the second game due to other obligations so, we will be back to an even format again. All will work itself out.

On to why I didn't do jack last night! Besides working all day, my wife and I come home after eating dinner to find glass scattered in our dining room, as I walk out to see what broke in the living room I find the coffee table top sticking up in a jagged edge and my wife's candle vase is shattered along with her other candle holder she got from a wedding we attended. What caused this you ask? A 50+ pound basset hound that thinks he is a cat. Was he hurt? No. How? I can only say he had a guardian angel looking out for him. Not a single scratch on him or the other dog despite all the glass about. There is no other reason why the table would have shattered like that unless weight was added, the table was close to the couch. Lesson learned, don't have glass topped tables when you own a dog that thinks he is a cat.

Pictures for your amusement.....uploading here is slow, so I put themon my photobucket account.

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