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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Book to Read: Blood Gorgons

Picked up a new book to read today, by Henry Zou titled the Blood Gorgons.

This book is part of the Bastion Wars series and so far has not let me down.

I never heard of Zou much until I really got into these books and I have to say he is a very versatile writer when it comes to him adding to this series.

Book 1: Emperor's Mercy is about an Inquisitor uncovering a plot and deception of a war with Chaos. An amazing book that was cat and mouse all the way to the end. I have always loved to read about Inquisitors and this book offered a new way to see how they operate and think.

Book 2: Flesh and Iron this was about the IG on a world they are trying to cleanse of Chaos. The IG regiment in this was very much "Swamp Rats" in theme using boats and light infantry for the most part to fight in a jungle environment. I won't spoil the ending but it shows that not everyone on the Emperor's side is good and just. A great IG book and added another layer.

Book 3: Blood Gorgons from the back is about the Blood Gorgons going to the defense of one of their recruiting worlds to save it from a plague of undeath. Their expedition is sabotaged and only one Blood Gorgon survives by the name of Barsabbas and must his his cunning to survive stranded and alone against an unknown enemy.

Looking forward to another of Zou's works!!!!!


  1. How is this series? I saw Blood Gorgons on the shelf and the summary grabbed me right away. Are these books tied together, or could I just start with Blood Gorgons?

  2. Pretty much it can be read as a stand alone book. The first book pretty much shows the Imperiums side of the story with the Inquisitor with veins of imperfection within. Nuff said...

    The second goes into the IG fighting Chaos minions and Gorgons with a great ending, again showing there is darkness in light and light in darkness.

    The third kinda continues this theme....just paints a nice picture but does not require the other two. Both are well written and I love this series...


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