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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slinging Paint This Week!

Well, been a very productive week in painting....swapped over to another army to give me some new drive to painting. I am finding to turn my own weakness into a benefit. By this I mean, I get distracted and often bored doing one army or too ambitious. Then I end up doing something else.

Demons of late has turned my  head and with that I have started to knock out a few items and with luck by the end of this week I will have more done.

Old school Demon Prince of Slaanesh 
Back of the model.... 
Would you like to Shaggoth now or Shaggoth Later?
Ok, now that the bad Austin Powers line is out of my sysem...
This is a demon prince using the Shaggoth model. Been sitting around for awhile and about damm time!

The rear to see more detail. I like the color choices that lets me use this as Slaanesh, Tzeench or Nurgle.

This is an old Horrot that I am working to update into either a Herald of Tzeench or Changling.

Flamer model that I am doing. Have 10 of these.
I have to say the arms suck and are really thin. Going to try to pin them as they break.
I hate using white but it does make the model brighter.

Side shot. I had hoped that I could have used washes but after my test model I was about to throw up and had to go back to the usual method. It works for some things. Not these! Oh GW if your reading this PLASTIC!!!!!!!

The first week of the escalation league seemed to go well. Everyone is positive, no negative feedback and my only critical part was the lack of posting the missions. Going to print some next week and post them up at the store tomorrow on my way home if I can. Otherwise I may fax them over to James and ask him to post them.


  1. Demon Prince of Slaanesh model looks great! Cool to see old figs like that one.

  2. I have tons of old stuff. Some of it is really good and other stuff is crap. Looking forward to putting him on the table soon!


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