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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another one down!

Rob over at Heyoh has been poking me to get this guy finished. He is for now.....I am not totally happy with the yellow beak and may go back at some point to repaint it another color. Tried a bone/denab stone color and it just didn't cut it either. May consider black/grey tone instead. Hrm....

Rob, this one is for you!

This demon prince has been sitting in my "to do pile" for a long, long time. I made him over 5 years ago back when I was developing a 1000 Sons list. He is built with a variety of model bits including: A metal spawn arm, uppper body and sword are from the Chaos Cultist from the Inquisitor line, the head is the old Demon Prince of Tzeench head, the wings are from the plastic pegasus kit and the legs are from a metal demon prince kit.

Front Shot
Rear pic of the wings...
Side shot with some detail...
Da other side!
Close up, not a great one....
The sword, this was painted with a new paint I found that was a metallic green, then washed it with my special sauce of Future Floor Wax, black ink and water with some Boltgun highlights.
Rear shot to see some of the sword handle detail.

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  1. Wow, I think he looks GREAT! I actually like the yellow beak, I think it fits the color scheme, and looks good.

    If it's to bright you could do a 50/50 watered down Delven Mud wash to tone it down, but personally I like it!


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