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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a mad world!

This is the them for a project for July with a friend of mine to develop a new gaming table. We felt should go with a chaos theme as it is hot as hell here in Florida.

The base center is the GW "Temple of Skulls" as it has the nice undivided star and the skull shapes that helps keep a theme.

For the moment we have ideas for two items for each "sector" dedicated to one of the chaos gods.

  • Trio of skull shaped rocks mounted on a base.
  • Blood Pond with bone bridge to cross it
  • Battlescape set (this has a rusty rhino, dead trees and craters that will be filled with toxic wastes.
  • Toxic Pond or Rock outcrops (trying to think of something fitting for barren, wasteland, diseased)
  • Floating Islands (think Avatar)
  • Eye Stalk Trees (think of tube like trees of sort with eyeballs at the end watching you)
  • Brightly colored Forrest (thinking colors like yellow, orange and other bright colors made from tree scenery kits)
  • The second is still up in the air some thoughts I had (crystals of different colors, odd shaped buildings, a hand holding something, perhaps a platform or stargate/portal. Perhaps just a portal. Then I was thinking of keeping to the theme of flora and adding more weird bizarre plants to the mix using plastic floral arrangements.
I plan to post some pictures later....

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