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Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet the Inquisition: Part 1

First some Mel Brooks!

Ah, a good moment for Monty Python! One of their top skits!

As I am not playing the Inquisition list tomorrow at the team tournament, I figure I would start posting Part 1 of introductions to what I have painted.

 Gladiators aka Crusaders
In Death We Shall Find Penance


 The Emperor

Remus and Romulas armed with Storm Shields and Shock Nets

 Magnos (aka Techmarine)

 Close up

 Brotherhood of Blood (aka Death Cult Assassins)

 These are the old Khemri Priest Models Long Ago

 Justice and Peacekeeper (Crusaders)

 Justice close up
 Peacekeeper is the wise ass. Why should the Inquisition be rude?

 Meet RVR and K-9 (Death Cult Assassins)
Tracking units armed with razor sharp teeth and talons.

 Inquisitor Cotaez (Finecast)

 Brother Synn with Melta Gun

 Argos with Melta Gun (some say he is a pirate, free trader and merc)
This was the old 40k Pirate model

 Technos (Van Sar Ganger with Melta)

 Missionary with Plasma Gun

 Lady Death (Death Cult As
Servo Skulls
Priest and Confessor
 Storm Troopers with Melta and Plasma

 Tyron (Inquisitor) 

 Detail of the Book (people love that part)

 Eviserators or are you just happy to see me?


  1. Very Cool. Love the old models, they work great for henchmen. The Inq. Coteaz armies have alot of modelling potential

  2. I may try one out for fun on a beer and pizza night to see how it fairs. The concern I have is that the list is easy to crush with most other armies. Maybe not....

    Thanks for the comments, I have some other stuff to drop on in the next week I hope.


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