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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am the LAW! A new (old) book series to read.

I picked up books 2 and 3 for a buck about a year ago and was looking to find Crossifre, the first book to the series. Since then, Black Library has released the entire Omnibus book now. Still, I only paid retail price for the first book and $2 for the other two and they are separate books. Makes it easier to handle than a larger Omni.

Just went a few pages into the book so far but the style of the book and how things are written is amazing. The shifts between action, politics and religion are well done and has been entertaining. I have noticed this is one of those books you don't read in a casual style, rather you need to focus on it as to me it is a bit like a sci-fi detective/gum shoe who-done-it style book if you will. Intrigue is the big feature to this book and I look forward to posting more once I finish my book.

In other book news I have ordered two more from Amazon:

Battle of The Fang is one of the newest of the "Warhammer Battles" for the 40k series that takes place in their historical timeline. In this case, where the 1000 Sons invade the Space Wolves home world intent on destroying their world after theirs was destroyed by them during the Horus Hersey. From another post, the book sounds solid and I am excited to read about it. The review I read did comment that they felt the character development was not enough with all the personalities they introduced.

Crimson Cardinal is one of the last Kal Jerico books that I have not had a chance to read and the only final Necromunda  book that I have not read. Found this book used for $5 on Amazon, so can't complain. Adding this to my Necromunda collection will make it complete! I wish Black Library would do more but they are starting to pull away from the Fanatic line and their big focus is on 40k, Fantasy and Lord of the Rings sadly. This was a great skirmish game and was only matched by Gorkamorka!

Going to be busy now between the DVD sets of Farscape (complete series) and Thundaar the Barbarian (DVD set), 5 books, tons of models to paint, pics to upload (hope to upload some tonight of my Orks and Space Wolves) along with trying to finish some submissions for the Black Library that I hope to post up in the next few weeks and spending time with my lovely wife and basset hounds.

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