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Friday, June 10, 2011

Team Tournaments and Pregame Thoughts

Well, it is the night before a team tournament. My friend, Chris and I have put together what I feel is a solid list that isn't a cheese list but rather something fun, challenging and a blast to play.

I know many out there think that because they hear the word "tournament" they have to bring the ultimate crap that they can put on the table by min/maxing their list and just killing the hobby as a whole trying to come up with the ultimate steamroller army. Really? You have to win THAT badly? Instead of being a good general, having a solid list and letting fate take its course, you would rather pimp out a list for the sake to win. If so, you should seek therapy.

This is not how I like to play. I go to an event for 3 good games with the hopes of playing a well painted army with a great player. Sometimes you get the half ass army or player which does detract from the game enjoyment. Still, you can always find something positive from the game.

For Chris and I, we prefer to put on the table a unique mix, never replicate the same list like some people and bring something that we hope will be a great theme as well. In the past we have had: 

  • "Lion and Wolf" with Space Wolves and Dark Angels (Ravenwing)
  • Greater Green: Tau and Orks
  • For the Greater Good: Tau and IG
  • Two Waaaggghhhs! Two Ork armies each with a unique theme. Bad Moons and Deathskulls joining forces.
  • "Wolf and Tank" IG with Space Wolves
  • "Wolf Brothers" Double Space Wolves with one with Thunderwolves/scouts, the other had more shooting and brawn on their side.

We try to avoid taking the same list to the same store, if another store hosts a team event we consider it fair game but even so we will build it from scratch instead of just taking something we made before and playing it again.

I scrapped my list I was going to take to this tournament:
  • Cotaez
  • Techmarine (Adeptus Mechanius)
  • Vindicare
  • 2 warbands with 4 Death Cult Assassins, 3 Melta Guns, 4 Crusaders
  • 1 Chimera
  • 1 Land Raider Redeemer
  • 6 Grey Knighs (Strike Team) with halberds in a Las/Plas Razorback.
It had some punch, but only in close combat, even then that T3 could lead to a quick end for this list and put all the pressure on Chris to carry the load in each game. I don't like that, each player should carry their weight in a tournament.\

I hope tomorrow's list we made will be a blast to play and we take home a win perhaps!

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