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Monday, June 20, 2011

A new ride for my models!

After many years of loyal service from my $20 Target Cart, it is time to retire it. For 5 years it has served me well. I have replaced the wheels, super glued it back together to the point that I could have put the bumper sticker on "honk if parts fall off" and it would be fitting.

This is my new replacement, only cost me about $62 bucks with shipping after some careful searching. It appears that Ard Boyz in the fall will be the first outing for this new baby, followed by a team tournament in September.

I can't stress how important it is to own something that allows you to move your models around. For me, the cart has become a "must have" for me as it allows me to keep units together, I can quickly put models on the table, store my books and dice box on the bottom shelf and larger stuff like transports and vehicles on the 2nd shelf. The cart makes it easy to move around and never fuss about space.

A look at other methods of dealing with your models in a gaming environment:

Display Topper/Cardboard Top/Plastic Topper: Here you have something nice when it comes to the display board while the other two listed are just practical to move your stuff around. The issue is having a spot to put it down. You need an empty table, set it on the floor or on a shelf under the table (if the store has such options). Plus you have to carry it in a way to avoid tipping it over and spilling your models. I have seen this happen more than once. Plus sometimes models slide and it is a bitch to figure out squads if your army is not marked well.

Packed in a storage case: This covers GW cases, Army Transports, to $2 plastic containers you get from the craft section. While it will keep you from breaking your models, you pay a price. Your slow as crap pulling your stuff out, even when organized as your taking your time pulling a few models at a time to avoid breaking them and making sure you have the right unit. You have to shift through foam trays to find the right one which eats up time. The nice thing is your stuff is safe and less likely to get broken. Unless a little girl walks by and kicks your army case across the store. Serious, I saw this with my own eyes. Never before have I seen a grown man go from fighting the urge to murder the offspring of someone else to almost crying as his models was in nice little parts all over the ground. Always put your case under the table or secure on an empty table. We warned him, he didn't listen.

To me, the method to the madness is, sure I have to drag a little more crap with me, but when I am setup, i can enjoy things better while others have to fuss over various methods to lug their crap to another table at a hobby event/tournament. I just glide my cart over and worry about other things instead. My advise to anyone, a worthwhile investment.

Shop Smart, Shop S-MART.


  1. Nice! Do you have a link to where you got that from?

    I may have to order one myself.

  2. I will post the link up tonight and I plan to post a review on it once I get it in the mail. The reviews on the website was very positive. Light, holds about 200 pounds total, putting the casters in was the hardest thing (use a rubber mallet)and the size was very close to my old one, a few inches each way (taller, longer and wider).


    Total was $62 and some change with S&H. They processed it the next day, gave me thet tracking # and everything. So far, their customer service is excellent.


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