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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something interesting

Loved this! I want to share it with others. Shout out to Stelek's blog posting it and I wanted to share this with others that may read here and not there.

This is amazing and I hate the fact GW LA Battle Bunker was utter pricks for destroying this. They should be shot. It did not degrade the hobby for a single moment for me, I laughed. As a former GW employee I wish we would have thought of this. Creative as  hell that store and they should be commended. Idiots was jealous and just shielded their hate with dumb propaganda that this was very un-GW. Feh! If I was still working for GW I would have laughed and said good job and asked what was next! That's encouraging the hobby not destroying the hard work of others. Sad...truly sad.

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