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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A' La Carte (Cart Review and Pics)

I have been slow to post this up as one of my dogs ended up with an eye infection this week that caused some headaches this week. Where to start?

Shipping: Prompt shipping via Fed Ex, made it here in about 3 days total from their place to my doorstep. The box was battered up a bit but everything was fine inside.

Assembly:  You will need a rubber mallet to put it together. For the most part it goes together fairly easy, once together you won't be taking it apart very easy.

The cart: plastic is solid, the legs between shelves is a light but tough. The large casters allows it to roll just about anywhere and light enough to carry without much effort.

Shot of the cart with various items on it. One side has a lip to make it easy to slide your models off the table if you have movement trays or just want a simpler easy to remove them from the cart.

Top level could hold very easy at least 8 squads and other assorted units of roughly 12 models here. Excellent for small armies or large horde armies.

I favor the second shelf for vehicles if there is not enough space on the top. Here I lined up 5 Tanks easy. The depth allows you to put another two rows behind that and is tall enough to accommodate fliers. Note the bottom shelf is large enough for me to put me dice box, storage case and set my codex to the side for easy access.

Ard Boyz appears to be my maiden outing with the new cart, which is funny as this is a 2500pt event and one of the largest armies you will see.

If anyone has questions or wants any advise on cart buying let me know, I will be happy to help.

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