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Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Latest Books: The Purging of Kadillus (review to follow)

Just pick this up over the weekend and have started to read this book. This is my first "Space Marine Battles" book that I am trying out. I have the Battle for the Fang for this month on my to buy list as these two books features the Dark Angels in this one and Space Wolves in the others. Two of my armies that I own and am building up.

So far I am just a few chapters deep into the book but I have started to find it very enjoyable so far. It is a historic book of sorts as this fluff has come to already pass. Unlike the Horus Heresey books the book itself is larger print and easier to read. In some ways I think these books may be geared towards younger readers to a point to bring them into the hobby or capture their imagination quickly with these books.

In any case, I will post a review of this book when I finish. I am starting a new job tomorrow so, I figure my reading time will be slow. Plus, I have some short stories of my own to finish up in two weeks for the first round of reviews that I hope to submit to the Black Library as well as get ready for a team tournament this weekend. WHEW!

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