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Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Outing with Two New Armies

This battle report is about a week late, but work has been taking alot out of me and I've been lazy.

Chris has been toying with a Blood Angel list and just was able to cobble enough together for a 1500pt list. I tossed together an all Inquisition list to see how this would turn out.

Chris had:
  • Stormraven
  • Land Raider
  • Tactical Squad
  • Partial Tactical Squad in Razorback with heavy bolters
  • Large unit of Death Company with 2 power weapons and a power fist.
  • Captain with power weapon.
  • Full Jump Troop choice.

I had (from memory):
  • 2 chimeras (standard) with 8 psykers, 2 Jokero and 2 Plasma Weapons
  • 2 chimeras with (heavy flamer in the hull), each with 4 Crusaders, 4 Death Cult Assassin, 3 Melta Guns
  • 1 chimera (standard) with a mix, 1 crusader, 3 death cult assassins, Demonhost, 3 melta guns, servitor and 2 normals.
  • Vindicare
  • Techmarine with Warding Stave and Rad Grenades
  • Cortez
  • Xenos Inquisitor with Rad Grenades and Psyker Upgrade.

Base game was Capture and Control (2 objectives one in each deployment zone) with spearhead deployment.  I won the dice off and opted to go first. He had range over me and this could end badly for me without some bit of luck.

We deploy, I try to setup in a defensive stance to get cover while he spread out to engage from different vantages.

Chris tossed a 6 on the dice and took the first turn! He moved the Stormraven up, advanced the Land Raider, pulled the Razorback out of cover and turned it to shield the jump squad behind it.

Shooting resulted in some bad dice rolls for Chris first turn, he removed one weapon off and very little else happened. He either missed or failed to pen the vehicles.  My return fire blew one lascannon off the land raider. The Raven took a hit from either the lascannon or psyker blast and went crashing down in flames of an explosion. The Razorback also took a pen and blew up also.

At this point the game was already written in stone. Next turn the Land Raider took another hit and was made immobile and I started to slowly shooting his army apart. Only three assaults happened in the game and was all rather one sided. The best for Chris was charging into cover and he again had some bad dice rolls and I was able to mop up the squad with Hammerhand and some power weapons. Same for the other two, shooting down the unit then the assault finished off everything else. In the end I lost two Chimeras and about 1/3 out of 3 squads.

The game ended on turn 6 and Chris only had the character, land raider and part of the Death Company left to defend his objective. I kept rolling badly to take out the Land Raider, it was still alive at the end of the game despite 6 melta guns trying to work it over. BS 3, bad pen rolls or a bad roll on the damage chart didn't work out in my favor. It lost a heavy bolter, lascannon and was immobile.

Looking back on the game here are some of my thoughts:

For Me:
  • I need more long range. BS 3 on the Jokero was a joke. The psykers was ok but LD 8 sucks, I failed about 1/3 of my rolls. One squad usually sat around every turn doing nothing. Perhaps adding more Jokero or perhaps an orbital bombardment option would be some good options.
  • Add more Crusaders.
  • Reserves. I feel if I went into reserves, this would have thrown off Chris and I would have been able to push to his objective quicker to take it.
  • Lack of Frags. I am looking at taking Land Raiders for their Frag Launchers, I was very afraid in that one assault going through cover. I could see a unit get slaughtered very easy.
For Chris:
  • Could have played for a draw very easy. A good defensive stance could have kept me at bay and if he stuck to range, damaged my transports this game would have went badly for me. If he stayed back out of range and slowly sniped my army to bits.
  • Reserves: Putting the Raven, Land Raider and Jump squad into reserves would have been a great idea. Deep striking the Raider and Jump Troop would have put two units in my face and the Raven could have went flat out and delivered the Death Company. Even moving in from the long table edge would have been a huge game changer to me.
  • Chris purchased a Librarian and is adding it to the list. This would have also been a major thorn in my side as it would have shut down Hammerhand and the Psyker blast powers causing further impairment to my army if he was in range.
  • Chris forgot to roll for Blood Rage.
This was a first game and just a test to see how the armies would perform and if Chris had his usual Space Wolves I would have been wearing Milk Bone Underwear.

Pics of the game:

My Deployment Zone

Objective Marker

Deployment Zone for Chris

/Another angle.

Proxiy Land Raider

Death Company after the Raven goes down. Jump troops hide behind the wrecked Razorback.

Taticals pile out of the Rhino into cover.

Jump Troops prepare to press forward.

Another shot.

Jump Troops prepares to assult Cortez and crew.

Failed shooting and assult ensures a good assult next turn for the Magos (Techmarine)

Pile out boys! Shoot'em up!

Inquisitor takes cover towards the end of the game. Land Raider downs another Chimera.

6 Meltas Guns = Epic Fail

Cotaez finishes off the Tatical squad.

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