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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

40k Web Comics and Reviews

Howdy folks,

Figure this time I would share of some of my favorite web comics that I have found and offer up a small review of each.

1) EatATau

By far is one of the best I have read so far, the web comic has a great cast, good personalities, well drawn in anime style and full of adult humor and language. Not for the kiddies!

2) Turn Signals on a Land Raider

While this web comic has since been called to an end, the archive is there and worth the time to surf and enjoy. The story centers around a Land Raider and her crew following their adventures on the game table. By far this one holds the best relationship to the game and brings often to light some of the funny things that come up during a game.

3) Wolf And Sister

A new kid on the block in web comics. The artwork is good, the story is mediocre for the moment and I hope it will bring forth something interesting.

4) Gone to Ground

This is about the adventures of Bacon and Eggs a pair of new recruits to the Imperial Guard and their exploits. The website had some issues with hacking and virus  hits that has now been cleaned up. The comic still appears on hold though. A good laugh that is worth a read.

Another great Web comic and perhaps my second favorite right now. The artwork is very baseline but the style is something you will come to enjoy. The story and comedy is contained within is great and again a well worth the read.

Hope you enjoy the read and feel free to tell me what you think!

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