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Friday, July 22, 2011

Orcpoclapse Aftermath

Overdue posting this up, but the mega battle was a bit of a bust. One guy was in an accident and the other forgot his rites of maintenance for his car and it decided not to work unless given oil as tribute.

As we had 3 Ork players and 1 IG. We broke our lists into 2k each and he managed to muster a 6k list for quick mega game.

The game was over pretty quick, about 3pm we was packing up and heading to IHOP to treat the IG player to a well earned meal. He fought a good fight but he learned quickly it is a bad idea to allow orks to get close to your lines.

Here is some pics of the game as highlights:
IG Deployment!
Ork First Turn
Orks swoop into Imperial Lines
Stompa and Skullhamma
Another table shot of the orks on approach.
Orks disembark and assult! We needs parts!
Lootas hiding in a crater.
The Brave Imperial Commander!
Kommandos in behind the lines!
Deffkoptas on approach!
Orks Amok us!
Kommandos krump a few tanks!

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