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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Updates

Just finished the first book of the "Enforcer" Series and I have to say, "WOW! What a great book!" This was a true sleeper, I am looking forward to picking up the other two now to see where this is going. This was by far not your standard 40k book, it instead gives you a taste of what the Arbites are truly like and about the cultures they work within. In some ways it was a sci-fi gumshoe book with detective work being key to the story.

I have since over the week just launched past the mid mark of "Battle of the Fang". Again, this book is a surprise as I didn't have huge expectations for the Battles Novel series. Now after reading the Dark Angels and this one, I am again impressed with this. The center of the book has a map of the Fang, a ballad that their skalds would tell, artwork and some battle maps of the engagements they fought at that time. Again, I strive to avoid spoilers but the story has many elements and spans in several directions including some perspective of the 1000 Sons.

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