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Monday, July 11, 2011

GW updates FAQs for Core Rules, Space Marines, Grey Knights and Orcs

My only thoughts are...


Does GW hire the dumbest people they can to work on their games? I think the answer is yes.

  • Let's contradict rules.
  • Let's just ignore the core rules and say Orcs don't use their BS to adjust scatter of blasts but anyone else can.
  • Let's come up with the dumb 4+ rule in the event two powers nullify one another, then not far behind. Just say well if I reroll saves and they force rerolled successes, do they cancel. Sure!
  • Let's just totally rewrite our rules for exceptions for everything.
  • Let's totally jack over the English language with the difference of  "hull" vs "wing".
  • Let's answer questions from 11 year olds instead of the intelligent adult ones that we may actually have to think about and give a good answer!

Stelek pretty much sums of my thoughts as well on the FAQs.

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