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Friday, May 6, 2011

4/23 Battle Report at Skull N Bones

Been a long time since I posted, here is an old battle report I forgot to post up with all the crazy stuff going on with my life. More on that later...

Game 1 vs. Patrick (Grey Knights)

   My list: 4 Rune Priests one with Chooser, 5  Grey Hunter squads with
   Rhinos, meltas, some wolf banners (not all had them due to points) and
   power weapons, Wolf Guard including one cyclone launcher that was with
   the Terminators, 3 Long Fang squads, 1 speeder with melta/heavy flamer
   the other had a missile launcher/melta gun. 2 Scout squads with power
   weapon and melta gun.

   His list: Driago, Librarian in Terminator Armor (Might of Titan,
   Hammerhand and Shrounding), Dreadnought with TL AC with psybolt ammo, 2
   Paladin Squads one with an Apothecary (mixed complex units), Storm Raven
   (multi melta and assault cannon), Full Purifier Squad with rhino, maxed
   out psycannons and halberds, Full Interceptor Squad and a Dreadknight
   with the Incinerator with the Teleported option along with a Vindicare.

   Mission had two objectives on the table, I placed mine in his, and he
   did the same. We had the 18” from each edge (long and short) at an angle
   for deployment. He won the roll and picked his side.

   I only ended up with one clump of trees in my area. I setup most my Long
   Fangs there. Big mistake, I should have backed them against the edge
   instead. My Rhinos clustered near my objective and my hope was to defend
   mine and keep him off his. His few scoring units inspired me to go this
   route. His HQ marched my way and the Raven had the only other troop
   inside it (Paladins) with the Libby.

   He rolled a 3 for the Chapter Master perk and picked Scout. Ouch! I had
   a Dreadnight, Rhino and Interceptor squad scout within 12”! First turn,
   Dreadknight was in my Long Fangs face. The Interceptors shot up another
   squad, 2 lived. My next turn pulled them back into unit coherency and
   assaulted with one of the Grey Hunters and Rune Priest. I thumped most
   of the squad and forgot I blew the Wolf Banner and missed some rerolls.
   I could have perhaps killed that last Interceptor more than likely. I
   won combat, he fled, and then rallied next turn, he ran and jumped
   inside the Raven.

   At this point the game was looking bad. My dice was both on fire at
   points and just sucking or just average. When it came to stopping all
   his psychic powers only Shrouding, 1 Hammerhand and 1 Psychic Pilot test
   (so he could shoot) passed. 4+ was with me here. I could not inflict
   enough wounds to make him roll 1’s for Terminators and 1-2 for normal’s,
   plus he was passing 4+ and 5+ inv saves like crazy.

   Amazing enough, I lost only one Long Fang to close combat, two units was
   still alive on the table but beaten up badly. When we tallied everything
   up at the end, He had all three Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

   Comedy of the game was the Scouts popping out near the Dreadknight
   inflict some wounds with shooting, assault, lost the assault, fled. Next
   turn second scouts arrive, tried the same task again. Finally we killed
   the blasted thing but took long enough. Too long if you ask me.

   Second Games vs. Nik (Chaos 1000 Sons)

   I had 4 Rune Priests, 4 Grey Hunter Squads with melta guns and power
   weapons in Rhinos, 3 Long Fangs with some Wolf Guard buffing out the
   list with 1 Scout Squad with a melta gun and power weapon.

   He had 3 units of 2 Oblits, 4 rhinos with 1000 Sons with 2 Demon
. He had assorted powers including the one to turn you into
   spawn, the 4+ ignore cover and armor saves among others. Both Princes
   had wings and multiple powers.

   Name of this mission was “Glory Hole” (I didn’t write this! I just
   played it!) 2 objectives on each side was placed, these was basically
   teleport spots that you could go to one of the other 3 objectives. You
   embarked one turn, the next turn you disembarked like a Transport. If
   you cannot get out, your in trouble and roll on a special mishap chart.

   Deployment was pitched battle, he won the dice toss and deployed. I
   setup my missions in a variety of spots and hid my Rhinos.

   Game was a classic 1000 Sons vs. Wolves match, but nothing overly
   excited. Both of us played defensive and did little on offensive part
   until the end. I managed to pull a win out of this game taking all three

   One bad blunder was when I made crappy terrain tests and a run check to
   try to cover one hole up. His Demon Prince popped in and just hosed a
   Long Fang and Grey Hunter squad with that 4+ template of doom. I did
   manage to pop him the next turn but he well earned his points.

   It was during this game I started to feel sick and suspect I was
   overheated and too much sugar from lunch (chicken sandwich with
   Polynesian sauce), fries and large lemonade with 2 Oatmeal filled Debbie
   Snacks and a Mountain Dew was just too much for me. I feel like there
   were some gaps in memory for this game and my last one as I was coming
   off the sugar high.

   Game 3 vs. Craig (Chaos Khorne Theme)

   2 Rune Priests, 2 Units of Long Fangs, 2 Grey Hunter squads with power
   weapons and melta guns with scout squad of 5 with a melta gun and power
   weapon. Wolf guard peppered in to support with combi meltas and power

   Zerkers in Rhino, Zerkers in Land Raider with Kharn and Dreadnought with
   two close combat arms.

   He won the dice off, picked his side. I setup my stuff hoping to stop
   the Dread and Rhino early on and just focus on the Land Raider. Well,
   the dice was not with me….I was able to disable the dreadnought from
   moving, the Rhino kept getting stunned and blowing weapons off and
   finally going immobile. Missed with one of two melta shots from scouts
   and the other failed to do anything but stun!!!!

   Once they got stuck into the fight, I was able to inflict some damage
   but in the end I just could not hold out against the large # of attacks
   and a tough brick of a Land Raider at 1000pts. My heavy weapons were
   missile launchers and melta guns. Sadly the Melta guns lacked the
   ability to get near the Land Raider due to the Zerkers on me.

   Craig ended up sweeping all three spots for a win again….

   Lessons learned:

   Avoid too much sugar and heat….ugh I was like a zombie until I got home
   in AC with food and ice cold water.

   Grey Knights: Watch lists that have fast moving units like Teleporters
   on Dreadknights and Interceptor Squads. I had crap in my face too
   quickly and negated my Long Fangs from being useful. If I had toed the
   line, I would have survived and would have inflicted serious damage in
   the end and he would have had to work harder to get to me.

   Game 2: Deployment, have to watch this next time, I tripped up myself
   and caused some delay getting to where I needed to really be to be

   Game 3: Possible revamp to this list, add Rhinos in and sack something.
   Maybe Scouts and toss a Wolf Guard into the Long Fangs. Lack of mobility
   and armor hurt me and let him control the game. I thought Foot Slogging
   would be fine for 1k but I was wrong, dread wrong to the point of being
   tabled. Mobility is good.



Meet Patrick (the other one)

The deployment and scout move in motion.

It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's a Stormraven of whoopass!

The pain of the game!

First vehicle casualty of the game...

Another one having issues...

Hold the line!

Where the hell did this come from!

Stick to cover boys!


My eyes hurt when I look at this combat now!

Meet Nik the Chaos Guru of Tzeench!

Demon Prince Hunts the Scouts
Rhinos slip behind one of the canyons for cover.


 Here they come! Dreadnought and Rhino takes a beating!
Kharn!!!! KHARN! <doing his Captain Kirk>

Craig Evil Minon of Chaos

Scouts in rereat and a Land Raider full of Zerks loaded with whoopass!

The end is nigh!

A cool gift from the Easter Bunny! Actually Thanks to Clark. We drew easter eggs with some prizes in between empty ones. I won this which was great...

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