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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Victories of the Space Marines (Update)

Finished this book a few days ago and have to say, that I enjoy the short story books as much the main full length novels. Below is my ratings on the books. I am one not to spill spoilers that others may do...

My ratings will be in #/# format. First is my rating, the second is out of.

Featured Stories of the Book:
  • Runes (Space Wolves) 4/5. This was a good opening story, had a nice twist.
  • The Rewards of Tolerance (Renegades) 3/5. Perhaps the worst of the lot, hope this expands more in a full length book or other future short stories.
  • Black Dawn (Warbringers) 4/5. A crisp story if you will, very cut and dry about the chapter, had a nice twist at the end of the story.
  • The Long Games at Carcharias (Crimson Counsuls) 5/5. I think this is going to get either more shorts or a full length book soon. This was a jewel in the book.
  • Heart of Rage (Blood Angels) 4/5. Has a vibe similar to another story I read (don't want to say to avoid spoilers), yet was a good read.
  • But Dust in the Wind (Imperial Fists) 4/5. A decent story.
  • Exhumed (Deathwatch) 3/5. I expected more from this story. It was a bit predictable in many ways.
  • Primary Instinct (Silver Skulls) 4/5. Once you get past the Predator feel of the book, the story is rather enjoyable and is nice to see other chapters get the light.
  • Sacrifice (Grey Knights) 3/5. Average again, the style was interesting but I feel they could have carried this on better and could have been a better tool for the story. You will see it when you read the book yourself.
Writers featured: Chris Wraight, Gav Thorpe, CL Werner, Rob Sanders, James Swallow, Jonathan Green, Steve Parker, Sarah Cawkwell and Ben Counter

Age of Darkness

Just started this book today, just a few pages in so far. Leading with Graham McnNeill was a great choice and looking forward to the rest of the stories.

Here is the writers and stories in the book:

  • Rules of Engagement (Graham McNeill)
  • Liar's Due (James Swallow)
  • Forgotten Sons (Nick Kyme)
  • The Last Remembrancer (John French)
  • Rebirth (Christ Wraight)
  • The Face of Treachery (Gav Thorpe)
  • Little Horus (Dan Abnett)
  • The Iron Within (Rob Sanders)
  • Savage Weapons (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Again, wow! Graham (that wrote A 1000 Sons), James Swallow (Flight of Eisenstein), Nick Kyme (The Salamander Trilogy writer), Dan Abnett (Gaunt books) among the others just puts a major big name line up from their main writers. I am looking forward to some great stories!!!!

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