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Friday, May 6, 2011

My appologies

This pretty much sums of my past week. I got called into the director's office and told due to the budget cuts in the state, my job is going away. I am being shoved into a craptastic job with a 5% pay cut and this is already with my 3% that I have to put into my retirement now. 

Many people may thing that state workers are just overpaid and we sit around and sip coffee all day. They are wrong. There is some fat in the system I won't deny, but I am watching good people getting told they have to find another job in the state, leave or take a crap ass job with a pay cut. One of the few good thing was the retirement and medical the state offered helped offset how crappy about 98% of the jobs are paid compared to the private sector.  I rage for them as I see good people getting screwed by Gov. Scott. I keep hoping he will step down or get hauled off in handcuffs, this guy is just evil and hell bent on destroying everything. It's going to get bad within the State soon and it's not going to be pretty, then again, the blame will just hammer down on those that are left. Painted as the bad guys....just have to say, we are tax payers also, come to think of it, we don't pay state tax, we do pay other taxes but a freeking lot less than most.

So, over the past 6 years, my one job promotion with about a 10% is going to a 2% net gain in 6 years. This really has put me in a bad mood and I am trying to fight back. I am applying for other jobs, there is some prospects that I am checking into and I hope they yeild something, otherwise I am going back to the school to get some certs....I should have done this earlier but that is my mistake. Live and learn, I can't change the past, I can only work in the now and make the future.

Depression is a bad mental state to be in and I have been dealing with it for the past few months. I have long ago learned how to deal with it, to fight it and to make things better. I give thanks to my friends, family and wife for supporting me in these hard times.

My goal is now to continue back with the zeal of making this a good blog again. I have a tournament in 2 weeks that I am getting ready for. I have a team tournament next month and I hope perhaps another one between.

Thanks again for everyone that has given me their ear, their time and support.

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