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Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Finecast Purchase and Review

Today I picked up Inquisitor Kotaez to see how the new Finecast product line was.

Packaging: The clam shell design is way better than the cardboard and plastic held in place with glue. When I worked for GW we often had packages come apart due to the glue. Plus it was easy to shoplift them in retail stores as you could pop open the blister right on the peg and drop everything into your hand and pocket it before anyone knows. To open a clam shell, you have to make some effort and noise to open it. Thus making theft much harder and helping retailers on shrink. What was nice was the insert with a nice photo of the product painted up. Plus, on the peg they look 10 times more appealing than the older cardboard blisters.

Model: It was still on the sprue frame when I opened mine. No extra bases like they used to slip you before. The main resin model was fairly easy to snip off and start to clean up.

It was easier to remove flash and mold lines than the old metal one. Be warned, the resin is softer and easier to ruin if you don't take your time. I had one small imperfect mold spot on the wrist of one arm. Looks like an air bubble formed in the mold. Wasn't bad and not very obvious, I just tend to spot these things easier than others.

The eagle was the worst of the flash, there was a crystal crusted in the eagle that I had to remove with a knife to flick it loose. Not sure what it was, perhaps Resin powder that didn't melt or something.

I had to clean up the cube joint sections where the arms go but amazing enough, a drop of super glue and done after a few moments of holding it in place. That alone was a sanity saver. I don't recall all the times I put together metal models and i could not get to metal parts to glue together unless I used zip kicker.

The detail was excellent....I am not sure if the resin perhaps sits better in the mold than metal but it seemed to give some extra depth to the model. Perhaps it was the cream color of the resin that let you pick out the detail compared to the old white metal they used that made it hard to see detail at times.

The model was very light, perhaps lighter than a plastic model. That alone has some perks. Less weight makes it easier to carry an army about made of plastic and resin than metal and plastic.

The finished model.....once the weather gets better I plan to primer him and start painting!

There is some perks in quality and easy to put the model together over the metal guy. You just need to take your time with them and clean them. Plus you will need to retrain your mind to look for a different kind of flash. I think this is a good move by GW as it offers several perks to the gaming community.

I did pause today and wondered if the "Blister Sisters" still worked for GW. They was actual sisters that GW paid to work in their warehouse and they helped assemble blister packs....met the long ago when I had a tour of the GW warehouse in Baltimore when I worked for GW some years ago.

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